histoires de parfums outrecuidant

Histoires de Parfums
En Aparte Outrecuidant
Eau de Parfum


In a great shimmer, Ginger, Nutmeg and Cardamom provoke a verbal joust with the burst of a high and pretentious Rose in reaction to Olibanum’s retort. The response to a waft of Tabacco was not long in coming, so that in the end, Oud, who was roused by Patchouli, also understood his arrogance.

histoires de parfums irreverent

Histoires de Parfums
En Apart Irrévérent
Eau de Parfum


Grapefruit, Cassis and Pineapple… surround and envelope us while Saffron and Cardamom demand seduction with their enormous blaze, becoming all the more dazzling when illuminated by Orange Blossom. In a flash, Cedar’s many dimensions, Sandalwood’s creaminess, Patchouli’s earthy strength, Labdanum-Ciste’s adorned warmth, and the obscure intensity of Leather all come together.


Perfume Extrait


Inspired by the class and elegance of Polish women and the rich history of the city of Warsaw, WARSZAWA evokes the chic of the golden days of Fashion and Perfume. This perfume has style, warmth – great depth of character – and will make you feel beautiful in a lush way.


Ormonde Jayne
Ambre Royal
Eau de Parfum


Ormonde Jayne is the most exquisite collection of luxury perfumes, scented candles and bathing oils. Whether you would like to spoil yourself or buy a special gift for your beloved, this collection has everything you desire and dream of. This brand that comes from London is a great example of going back to the golden era of luxurious perfumery when all the fragrances were prepared during months of work and the resulting perfumes were much more strong and lasting. Rare oils are carefully selected and mixed with special botanical extracts like sea fennel, water lily or orchid oil to create original and smell-thrilling perfumes for both men and women.
The perfumes are gathered in four categories: floral, floral-oriental, woody and cologne. The bathing oils will give some unforgettable moments of relaxation with the same luxurious aromas and the scented candles will provide special romantic occasions. If you decide to try some of these exquisite fragrances, your life will definitely change as the special mixtures of aromas will invade your home. Or if you decide to gift one of these products, your loved ones will definitely be thankful and never forget your absolutely unique and luxurious gift that proves all the love and affection you feel for them.


Comme des Garçons Concrete Eau de Parfum


In a world where concrete is ubiquitous, the mundane fabric of urban cityscapes, now it is given disparate context: the uniquely refined realm of perfumery. Here, the prosaic is treated as precious; stereotypes subverted. A versatile material finds an unpredictable form. An exploration of destruct ion, construction and creation, CONCRETE is a fragrance where material preconceptions are deftly demolished, paving the way for something new.


Clive Christian
Original Collection
Masculine “X”
Eau de Parfum


One of the world’s rarest and most expensive spices, cool, fresh Cardamom joins fiery Pink Pepper, Ginger and Bergamot in an explosive blend of top notes that immediately enliven the senses.
Rich oil derived from the heart of the Iris flower – a symbol of strength – produces a smooth and silky centre, around which agile notes of Violet and Cinnamon pique the senses, summoning the rich textures of the bazaar.
Coarser textures of Vetiver and Tree moss are sweetened by the delicate touch of Vanilla, balancing the hotter tones of Cinnamon above to create an earthy base reminiscent of the dewy ground at daybreak.

Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum


A wave of freshness bathes the skin – Carlisle is the embodiment of light. Sunny and radiant, this sensual fragrance is built around a sandalwood theme that is warm, with a hint of vanilla, whilst both soothing and rich. The clear, seductive top notes of crisp green apple, warming nutmeg and golden saffron unearth the scent to an elegant heart of rose, tonka bean, osmanthus and davana. The perfume narrative is concluded by a base of vanilla, patchouli and opoponax resinoid – an olfactory for fragrance connoisseurs and lovers of niche fragrances.

Mandragore Pourpre
Eau de Parfum


From the writings of Machiavelli to Shakespeare, the powers surrounding the mandrake are legendary. The mystical root was said to divert lightning and was used to make love potions. In the back of a workshop, through a thin vapor of star anise and patchouli, a purple liquid bubbles from an alembic. The mandrake elixir works its magic and unfurls its mysterious, aromatic fragrance.

Eau de Toilette


Before drifting into the long summer evening, the little village in Provence is deserted. It’s the sacred hour of the siesta. Only fragrances float through the air. The aroma of basil by the window sill. The scent of verbena wafting over the little stone wall. And in the shade of the orange trees on the square, the only sound is the bubbling fountain and the song of the cicadas.