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Initio that dares to engage with fantasy-fuelling
ingredients, carnal notes, committed, powerful
and distinctive couplings. Transgressive fragrances
composition with the power to awaken pleasure,
to stir physical attraction.

The tobacco/vanilla/rum/cinnamon harmony of this fragrance is spellbinding.
It tantalises the most discerning senses by playing off each of its facets – leather, animal and the woody note of vanilla – one by one. Recklessly bold… and stirring.
Deeply buried emotions and passions take over.
The fragrance lifts the veil on the unsayable.
This passionate perfume has the power to plunge its wearer into that altered state where nothing is too daring because there are no risks left
Main accord: tobacco, rhum, vanilla.

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What if your instincts were guided by your sense of smell,
leading you towards new adventures?
INITIO takes fragrances to new heights, with enhanced powers that defy the imagination.
Wild nature and the science of pheromones fuse deeply together within the formulas, working their magic imperceptibly.
The Absolutes and The Magnetic Blend, invisible forces to be worn alone or blended together, INITIO fragrances stir your instincts.
This is where it all begins..

Initio perfumes effects are disconcerting.
To reach the Holy Grail, Initio has mastered the alchemy between the skin, the natural forces of the Absolutes
and pheromonic molecules whose power awakens
and amplifies the instincts.
Everyone becomes the alchemist who, layering Absolutes and Magnetic Blend in a unique combination, will obtain
a unique and transcendent carnal signature.

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