Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
l’Homme À la rose

L’Homme À la rose is a woody floral eau de parfum. In the first few seconds, very fresh, green and bursting notes paired with a grapefruit accord and essence of Damask rose from Bulgaria create a sensation of natural vitality. Then come the middle notes of a rosy, very woody accord which brings the fragrance verticality, gradually enhanced by the woody amber base notes which infuse the sillage with sensuality.


Good Girl Gone Bad
Rolling in Love

Imagine a Grecian villa, in the midst of the summer, surrounded by the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Open windows allow a constant flow of fresh air, as the white linen curtains dance to the rhythm of the wind. The fresh air carries with it the scent of the Mediterranean flowers and in the background the aquatic smell of the sea.


Opus XI

The 11th volume of Amouage’s Library Collection, Opus XI is a romantic and cinematic interpretation of today’s metastasized obsession with “fake news”. The manipulation of information and knowledge that when revealed, expresses a pure form of authenticity. In this latest creation, Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong traces the origins of fake news to the Occidental…



A fresh, sensual and refined scent that will be remembered. Amongst the top notes, scents of bergamot and mandarin sublimated by a touch of aromatic water offer a unique combination. The heart notes that give Percival its character and depth offer a blend of natural jasmine, violet and geranium overlapping with lavender, coriander and cinnamon.…


Delina Exclusif

Delina Exclusif is the full quintessence of Delina. Some will detect a suede-gloved, slightly milky rose; others a floral bouquet good enough to eat with scattered delicious hints of peach, apricot and lychee. After an opening of bergamot/pear/lychee, the Turkish rose takes on a veiling of incense and suggestions of burning oud before nestling into…


Love the way you Feel & Love the way you Taste

Love the way you Feel slavi taktilne užitke tijela na plaži. Kultno Monoï ulje preformulirano u novu cvjetnu mješavinu. Topao i egzotičan miris, odmah podjeća na dodire i raskošno sjajan tan. Nježne gornje note, bergamot i neroli, savršen su ulazak u slatko i senzualno. Mirisna staza rastapa se u ylang-ylang i tahićansku gardeniju u svom…


Limited Edition By Kilian –
Moonlight In Heaven Croisière

Limited edition koji egzotiku dovodi do ekstrema, još sočnije i zaraznije. Novi miris otvara se sunčanom zrakom limuna i bergamota. Već smo na ljetovanju uz savršenu kombinaciju manga i kokosovog mlijeka.
Sambac jasmin pomiješan s gurmanskom tonkom otvara put za raj na zemlji.