Marc-Antoine Barrois je couture dizajner za muškarce sa sjedištem u Parizu. Njegove kreacije za muškarce odgovor su na žensku visoku modu. Svaki od njegovih dizajna je jedinstven, skrojen po narudžbi, tradicionalnom tehnikom. Ogromno iskustvo koje je Marc-Antoine stekao radeći Haute Couture za Dominique Sirop, Hermes, Jean-Paul Gaultiera i Jitrois, dovelo je do želje za stvaranjem ekskluzivne muške mode. Marc-Antoine Barrois nadopunjuje mušku odjeću Couture ekskluzivnim dodacima, kao što su kravate rađene po mjeri.

Deset godina nakon svoje Haute Couture kolekcije, francuski dizajner Marc-Antoine Barrois lansirao je svoj prvi parfem.

Oslanjajući se na bezvremensku i karizmatičnu eleganciju svojih mentora, ovim parfemom otkriva svoja najljepša sjećanja i svijet svojih suvremenih kreacija.
U konačnici, B683 je poziv na istraživanje… na putovanje njegovim svijetom jedinstvenih, po mjeri rađenih kreacija, koje evociraju simbiozu poezije, snova i vrhunskog majstorstva.
Suptilno kombinirajući profinjene drvenaste esencije, senzualne pikantne note i snažan miris kože, avangardni parfumer Quentin Bisch potpisuje parfem koji je podjednako opojan i razbuđujuć, po uzoru na fantastičan svemir dizajnera.

Marc-Antoine Barrois
No 6
Scented candle

501,00 Kn

After a perfume, a candle is a way of experiencing a daily scent… entering a room, closing your eyes and inhaling slowly for pleasure. With this candle N ° 6, like the number 6 rue de Budapest, Marc-Antoine Barrois wanted to imbue his fashion house with memories of his childhood… Memories of a bourgeois house where the elegance of his grandfather reigned, the ‘smell of precious leathers from his grandmother’s briefcases or bags, the warm atmosphere of an afternoon in the living room, by the fire, with the family, with here and there delicate scents that escape from the kitchen where a snack is being prepared.

To imbue the fashion house MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS, located at No. 6 rue de Budapest, with a scent of authenticity and refinement, perfumer Quentin Bisch immersed himself in the world of the couturier. He thus worked around this same leathery, woody and spicy frame, blossoming the amber accord, smoothing the smoky notes here and there to develop a scented candle that expresses his taste for beautiful materials. generous complexity woven of leather, which warms with the heat of the balms. A signature where patchouli takes on the sensual finery of amber to enhance the cozy charm of his boutique. A leathery, dense and enveloping atmosphere, rounded off by the golden and sensual gleams of cistus-labdanum. A comfortable, shimmering fragrance, twisted with spicy notes of cumin and saffron. A fruity touch,

The notes of this scented candle are, at the top: plum and cumin, at the heart: essence of cistus, in the background pyrogenic styrax, leather accord, sandalwood, patchouli and white musks.

We have chosen for our candles a mixed wax base (60% natural – 40% mineral) without palm oil or GMOs. This mixture makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of the two waxes: the vegetable wax is more expressive when cold in the restitution of the perfume but much less when hot and for mineral wax it is the reverse. This base also significantly reduces soot emissions. Finally, the cotton wicks have been sized for a balanced burning of each candle.

Marc-Antoine Barrois
Eau de Parfum

1.271,00 Kn

Composed by perfumer Quentin Bisch, Ganymede once again
makes use of the suede-leathery notes that had made B683 a
beautiful classic. This time though, the artists emancipated
from traditional codes to take us somewhere else, towards a
luminous and fluid elegance. Those leather notes become
softer, gaining lightness and gentleness in contact with the
fragrance of violet. The mandarin smell brings its full vivacity
and its acidic essence. The latter gives the tone and verticality
of the fragrance from the very start. Yet opposing it, the
immortelle is its counterpoint and raises the scented harmony
with its double-sided fragrance, at times mineral, at other
times salty.
The entire composition plays with contrasts and oppositions.
The notes answer one another in a permanent conversation
drawing a new olfactory map on the skin, on the revers of a
cashmere jacket, or even right there, next to the buttons of the
sleeves, on the wrist. If it could be summed up into one single
image, it would be a compass : north for the zested liveliness
of the mandarin to which the south would answer with the
everlasting flower and to highlight this olfactory frame, the
density of suede notes on the west would balance the subtle
and delicate florality of the violet on the east. Those are four
directions for a perfumed journey to a new imaginary worldHead notes offer a joyful explosion of freshness mainly and new codes of elegance.
Head notes offer a joyful explosion of freshness mainly made of :
Mandarina from Italy essence heart Orpur
Soft leathery-suede heart brings a seducing refinement
thanks to notes of :
Chinese osmanthus absolute Orpur

Base note creates the fluid and timeless signature of the
perfume with woody and mineral harmonies :
Immortelle absolute (Helichrysum Italicum)


Marc-Antoine Barrois
Eau de Parfum

1.271,00 Kn

B683 is a result of the meeting of two young designers.
One is a couturier, the other a perfumer. Their childhood memories brought them together. Remembering captivating smells; of the leather from an elegant attaché case or an immaculate desk blotter; of the distinct smells of wood during the regular gathering of fuel to warm the family home.
The artistic skills of the former and the olfactory talent of the latter together sparked a magical and pleasant fragrance with its notes of spices, leather and wood.