Poduzetnik i vizionar Hubert d’Ornano pokrenuo je 1976. godine Sisley s novom idejom: oslanjajući se na tehnološki napredak korištenja najboljih dijelova biljaka i esencijalnih ulja u kozmetičkim proizvodima.
Pod njegovim vodstvom, zahvaljujući radu vlastitih timova tijekom gotovo četiri desetljeća, Sisley je postao jedna od najprestižnijih tvrtki u svijetu vrhunske kozmetike.

Sisley Paris

843,86 kn

New-generation soft peeling, the Exfoliating Enzyme Mask is a preparatory skincare that reveals in just 1 minute uniformity and radiance of all skin types, including sensitive.
An express step to transform the quality of your skin.

A transforming powder-in-cream texture
A fine powder that transforms into a rich foaming cream upon contact with water, perfect to be applied as a mask.
This hybrid skincare combines two expert steps : the power of an exfoliant and the gentleness of a mask for skin that is “as good as new” in a flash.
Its natural and delicate fragrance offers a real moment of comfort.

How to apply?

Dispense a teaspoon-sized amount of powder in the palm of the hand and mix with the fingertips while adding a small amount of water until a foaming cream is formed. Apply a thin layer to the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for a maximum of 1 minute and rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes. Follow with the next steps of the daily skincare routine. May be used 1-2 times a week.

Sisley Paris
Eau de Parfum

1.868,56 kn

Christine d’Ornano invited her long-time friend, Franco-American artist Sydney Albertini, to once again decorate the bottle of this iconic fragrance. Eau de parfum evening water 100ml “Sydney Albertini is inspired by her series of twenty abstract figures and faces drawn in charcoal on brown paper, the theme of which is ” revealing more by hiding.”

Feminine motifs follow their movement, concealing and revealing the body in all its complexity. The power of lines and color oscillates between abstraction and figuration, giving this work striking energy and emotion. A refined Eau de Parfum, the iconic Sisley fragrance combines the freshness of citrus fruits with the dazzling sensuality of flowers, underlined by an elegant chypre signature.

Trenutno rasprodano

Sisley Paris
Eau de Parfum

1.868,56 kn

A refined, elegant and timeless Eau de Parfum for women in a Limited Edition collector’s bottle. Eau du Soir evokes a stroll through the gardens of Alcazar in Seville, in Spain, at dusk, when the Syringa flower exhales its fragrance. A refined fragrance, combining the freshness of citrus with the sensuality of florals, highlighted by an elegant chypre signature.

It’s love at first sight between Mandarin and sun-drenched Grapefruit. The intense absolute of Rose and delicate Jasmine boldy respond to the bewitching notes of Syringa and Ylang-ylang. The final touch: base notes of Amber and Patchouli embrace the fruity, floral notes, leaving a decidedly elegant scent in its wearer’s wake.

Sisley Paris
Eau de Parfum

911,67 kn

Izia La Nuit is an olfactory journey with a chypre, woody, floral trail just as intense as the memory of a romantic encounter.

Izia la Nuit is an ode to the night, another tribute to a mysterious and unique rose found in Isabelle d’Ornano’s garden that only blooms once a year for a short time.

Inspired by the original Izia, a bright, airy floral scent, Izia La Nuit offers a renewed intensity combined with the warmth brought by vanilla and amber blends with the sensuality of the rose. Izia la Nuit is a sophisticated and modern scent which combines fruity and colorful notes with deep woody and leathery facets for an elegant, long lasting trail.

The sculptural bottle created by artist Bronislaw Krzysztof is adorned with a mysterious, glossy lacquer. Its deep black shade contrasts with the delicate golden film that reflects the luminous juice.

Držać mjesta

Sisley Paris

1.589,78 kn

This contouring body cream is born out of the collaboration between Sisley Laboratories and the University of Paris. A dual action, day and night gel-in-oil emulsion that adapts to the body biorhythm to act on curves and restore skin. During the day, the unique combination of Pink Berry oil, Caffeine, Cedrol and White Ginger extract, help thighs look more defined and firmer, as if toned. At night, the combination of Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil and Exopolysaccharide from Plankton, works to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Skin appears smoother.

-Gel-in-oil texture
-Velvety finish

How To Apply Body Cream: To sculpt the look of your body, apply morning and evening on the whole body or on targeted areas: thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips, arms and massage until complete absorption according to SISLEY’s recommended massage techniques.
Fragrance: Lavender, Sage, Marjoram, Rosemary essential oils and Cedrol.
200 ml
Made in France

Sisley Paris
Triple-Oil Balm
Make-up Remover and Cleanser

828,80 kn

A delicious skin care balm with 3 nourishing and softening oils (Babassu, Shea and Macadamia) that combines a double make-up removal and cleansing effectiveness and an intense comfort.

In only one gesture, it effectively removes face and eye make-up, even waterproof, impurities and traces of pollution.
Face and eyes are pefectly cleansed. Skin is clean, soft, supple and comfortable.
A unique sensoriality for a true moment of well-being.
On contact with the skin, the balm melts and transforms into a delicate oil for an effective make-up removal.
On contact with water, this oil transforms into a milky emulsion to facilitate rinsing. It leaves a soft finish with no greasy feel.
All skin types. Tolerance tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control.

Its applications
Apply a small amount onto dry skin. Gently massage the face and the eye contour area until the product transforms into an oil. Rinse carefully with lukewarm water: the oil transforms into a milky emulsion for an easy and perfect cleansing.

Sisley Paris
Intensive anti-ageing treatment

7.850,95 kn

Unlock the power of vital energy. One unique formula, four bottles, four weeks to reach new levels of vibrant, youthful-looking skin. The skin appears regenerated and younger, with renewed quality.

Visible results starting the first week. Week 1 – Impulse At the end of the first week, the complexion reawakens. Signs of fatigue are reduced. Week 2 – Reset The skin’s quality looks improved: lines appear diminished, skin looks softer and more toned. Week 3 – Consolidate Signs of aging appear diminished. Skin looks smoother, denser and more elastic. It radiates vitality. Week 4 – Renaissance Wrinkles appear diminished. The skin regains a more youthful appearance, and a sensation of density, elasticity and radiance.”

Visible benefits each week until the skin’s renaissance.

Morning and evening for 4 weeks.

Sisley Paris
Odstranjivač šminke

647,97 kn

A fresh gel make-up remover, that is as gentle on the eyes as it is effective for removing stubborn make-up, even waterproof.

The Eye and Lip Gel Make-up Remover combines effective make-up removal and true skin care benefits, to enhance the eye and lip make-up removal process into a sensorial moment of well-being and skin care.

Its soft and melting gel texture provides a pleasant sensation of freshness upon application and does not leave an oily feel.

A gentle product that works to remove even the most stubborn makeup, including waterproof, to capture make-up pigments, dust and other impurities as it clears the lashes and eyelids of the slightest trace of make-up.

Perfectly cleansed, the eye area is re-freshed and the eye contour area moisturized and more luminous .

The Gel Make-up Remover helps enhance the lashes, making them look and feel softer and glossier.

Tolerance tested under ophthalmological (and dermatological control. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Two Cleansing Options:
1. Apply a small amount of gel onto a cotton pad then swipe gently across the eyes or lips, working from the inside out, until all traces of make-up are removed.

2. Apply a small amount of product onto dry skin with the fingertips, then gently massage in circular movements. Finish by wiping away product and makeup with a cotton pad. Do not rinse.

Sisley Paris
Deodorant u spreju

421,93 kn


The Eau du Soir Perfumed Deodorant is an alcohol-based spray deodorant with the subtle and refined notes of Eau du Soir. Long-lasting, it provides immediate freshness and effective protection throughout the day. Dries quickly allowing you to dress immediately.


Provides freshness and protection throughout the day.


Spray at a distance of approximately 4 inches away from the armpits to clean and dry skin.

Sisley Paris
Gel za tuširanje

580,16 kn


The Eau du Soir Perfumed Bath and Shower Gel is a foaming gel enriched with softening and toning plant-based extracts (Carrot, Red Vine and Horsetail) that cares for your skin It cleanses delicately without drying, leaving the skin soft, satiny and subtly scented with the notes of Eau du Soir.


The skin is clean, soft, satiny and subtly scented.


Can be used as a shower gel or as a bath foam. A small amount is enough to obtain a delicate creamy lather.