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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Mon Beau Sapin
Green Candle

424,00 Kn

“O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely is thy fragrance!”
The timeless fragrance of our iconic Holiday candle is adorned with a new decoration: snow-covered pine needles with touches of a gold serigraphy.
Reminiscent of the Holiday tree color, the glass of the jar is lacquered with a deep green metalization

Perfume extrait

2.272,00 Kn


RUBIKONA was made by Cécile Zarokian in Paris. The creation of this perfume started with the word RUBIKONA that combines the deep and warm colour red of a RUBY with the timeless beauty of an ICON.

RU BI KO NA … Four distinct sounds that together form their own small symphony. Much like a perfectly cut RUBY that fascinates by the various shades of red and intensities of light. Puredistance Rubikona is a deep, warming perfume with a gracious, warm heart – safely embedded in deep blue satin. Elegance in every vein, in line with the sophisticated character of Puredistance. Rubikona is ‘Chic Inside Out’.

Perfume Extrait: 28% perfume oil.

Metafisica Otto
Scented Candle

2.233,00 Kn

Fragrance notes: thyme, lavender, cedarwood, incense, birch, labdanum
Dimensions: H14.5xØ12.5cm
Burn time: up to 180 hours
Size: 900g
100% vegetable-based wax
Pure cotton wicks are biodegradable
Three wicks for even burning
Allergen free & contains no pesticides
Fragrance exclusively made in Grasse, France

Scented Candle

2.426,00 Kn

Fragrance notes: pink pepper, labdanum, cedarwood, sandalwood
Dimensions: H14.5xØ12.5cm
Burn time: up to 100 hours
Features Spicy Mistero fragrance
100% vegetable-based wax
Pure cotton wick is biodegradable
Allergen free & contains no pesticides
Fragrance exclusively made in Grasse, France

Clive Christian
Crab Apple Blossom
Eau de Parfum

3.080,00 Kn

This refreshing Citrus Aquatic captures the signature spring flower Apple Blossom and exotic Marine Bergamot in its top for a sparkling first impression. A fruity floral character is revealed in the heart offset against modern notes of sharp green rhubarb and a fresh mojito fusion, before settling into a base of creamy sandalwood and aquatically aromatic driftwood. A fresh, energising citrusy yet soft perfume exploring 151 ingredients and a potent concentration of 25% for a lasting scent that trails on the skin like blossoming branches in the spring sunshine.

Sisley Paris
Intensive anti-ageing treatment

7.546,00 Kn

Unlock the power of vital energy. One unique formula, four bottles, four weeks to reach new levels of vibrant, youthful-looking skin. The skin appears regenerated and younger, with renewed quality.

Visible results starting the first week. Week 1 – Impulse At the end of the first week, the complexion reawakens. Signs of fatigue are reduced. Week 2 – Reset The skin’s quality looks improved: lines appear diminished, skin looks softer and more toned. Week 3 – Consolidate Signs of aging appear diminished. Skin looks smoother, denser and more elastic. It radiates vitality. Week 4 – Renaissance Wrinkles appear diminished. The skin regains a more youthful appearance, and a sensation of density, elasticity and radiance.”

Visible benefits each week until the skin’s renaissance.

Morning and evening for 4 weeks.

Eau de Parfum

1.617,00 Kn

The Original, the most exclusive perfume created by Albert Fouquet, now available in a 150 ml size. An exclusive format for the Original fragrance lovers.

Designed for both men and women alike, this classic scent is suitable for a modern-day aristocrat. Rosy notes of Pink Pepper blended with the subtle spice of Cardamom and garnished with the zesty hint of Lemon, evoke a contemporary tone; while notes of Labdanum emit an intricacy reminiscent of the sweet, fruity, woody aromas of twentieth century Paris. Amber and Sandalwood undertones accentuate the warmth of this refined scent.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Aqua Vitae forte
Eau de parfum

1.348,00 Kn

Bursting with light and heat, Aqua Vitae forte embodies the power of life. This eau de parfum forges the invisible bond between the freshness of the nights to come and the heat of days gone by.
Its top notes radiate a sensation of freshness while a bright, floral and woody breeze floats indulgently throughout this scented dream.