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CLIVE CHRISTIAN Vision in a Dream Psychedelic Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn

Green Oriental

A whirling, psychedelic dream of a perfume. A fresh top note of kaffir, lime leaf and armoire winding round bitter greens of almond, galbanum, apple skin and violet leaf. A smoky incense accord of papyrus fused in labdanum and olibanum. Amidst tones of suede and hot spicy cinnamon, pepper and clove. It moves on through these golden, hallucinated plains, to woods of sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and cedar

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Vision in a Dream Mesmeric Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn


A mesmeric hit of perfume. A bitter slice of almond, armoire and green galbanum. Shimmering sun on an apple skin. The bit of kaffir lime and violet leaf. Below which blooms a white floral of jasmine and narcissus, neroli, sweet heliotrope, a touch of orris. Before stumbling through these golden, hallucinated plains, to reach a woody base of vetiver, cedar wood and patchouli. Dressed with a spiced pop of pepper.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Jump and Kiss Me Hedonistic Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn

White Floral

A bolt of sun-warmed paradise. An evocative woody, oriental Scent to fix the mind to wanton pleasure. Rich with gourmand, Fruity and narcotic notes. A citrus accord of bergamot, grapefruit and Neroli. Coupled with a lush, fruity, herbal green Accord of black cherry, mate, clary sage. Its base, rich with ambers, smoky leather Rich labdanum with a touch of vanilla sweetness. Use wisely a narcotic hit of reckless abandon.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Jump up and Kiss Me Ecstatic Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn

Addictive Arts

Addictive Arts
A suite of three forbidden perfume pairs – Addictive Arts captures the craven rush and brazen thrill of twisted hedonism. Each perfume is an intoxicating fusion of expertly extracted and uniquely distilled ingredients such as bergamot, neroli and vetiver, combined with an extraordinary form of fine perfumery. The collection is an enthralling expression of our tendency to excess, of libertine pleasures and a wild nature waiting to be awakened underneath the refined visage it is – some might say… The “After-Dark” face of Clive Christian

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Chasing the Dragon Hypnotic Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn


This heavy door creaks open, you slip within. To find a noble, narcotic, accord, from smoky incense, pink pepper – elemi, bergamot and a brief dying spark of fiery ginger. Whilst rich clove, black cherry and cinnamon sit within basil, fir balsam and labdanum, rich dry ambers, resinous myrrh and leathery, liquid amber call out from a darkening crack below, rich in mosses.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Chasing the Dragon Euphoric Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn


An ecstatic, narcotic leap into the abyss. Built of a fast-beating heart of rich and heady florals – ylang ylang, jasmine and narcotic narcissus. Shadowed by a tender touch of orris and warming cinnamon. Above – bringing a fresh, chaste innocence – cassis and muguet. While the base melds resins of rich amber with dark, booze-soaked oakwood notes. Deep patchouli and amber with sensual sandalwood, musks and sweet vanilla