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KILIAN created MY KIND OF LOVE, a new fragrance collection reminiscent of moments of seduction without inhibitions, audacious declarations of love and the will to love freely. Kilian amps up girl power with his fragrance calling all fierce females. Sweet but with a kick, PRINCESS is like sipping on a green tea mocha with a pinch of spicy ginger.Prince Charming, take note—this Princess ain’t waiting at home for your comeback call.


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KILIAN created MY KIND OF LOVE, a new fragrance collection reminiscent of moments of seduction without inhibitions, audacious declarations of love and the will to love freely. “When else can you experience something so sweet and burn calories all at the same time? KISSING is a luscious remix of floral and gourmand notes, it speaks to the most perfect sport for couples with incredible chemistry. Just like a great kiss, as the perfume evolves the emotions get more intense.” – Kilian HennessyGet off the couch (or, rather, on the couch) and start working out with KILIAN’s latest scent for locking lips.


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Word of honor.

In the Middle East, a promise made between two people is accompanied by the strictest honor code. Frédéric Malle celebrates this principle with a promise of his own, whose beating heart is made of two precious varieties of rose: rose essence from Bulgaria and rose absolute from Turkey are lifted by apple, pink pepper and clove, and bound to a sensuous base of patchouli, cypriol and labdanum; an accord as unbreakable, and invisible, as a vow.

To trust and be trusted.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Rosemary Oil, Apple Accord
Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose Oil, Turkish Rose Absolute, Clove Oil
Base notes: Patchouli Heart, Amboroxan, Labdanum, Cypriol Heart, Castoreum


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bold and bright, classic fougere!
A beguiling blend of classic citrus with bold aromatic woods of the Cypress tree creates a captivating Citrus Oriental. Complex and unique this perfume is a raucous journey through a topiary maze in an Art Deco garden.

The scent of cypress trees drifting through a star strung night on a jazz band tinged breeze, exuding memories of the French Riviera. A rich cognac based cocktail is stirred in the hand of the mysterious wearer, a thrilling sense of possibility and an irresistible charm of character. The spicy and coniferous scent of cypress stands elegantly against the zest of bergamot with a bold body bolstered with cedar for a modern take on the opulence of the Art Deco era. Oakwood captures the taste of brandy barrels rolled under cover of darkness into the city jazz bars a hushed secret, shouted from behind closed doors by prohibition cocktails. A bombastic unstoppable force as present as the era itself, this perfume favours the bold, beckoning you to embrace the thrill of a nights possibilities in this indulgent voyage of discovery.
25% Perfume Concentration. Bold, bright and zesty, this perfume opens with brilliant burst of citrus, a dash of Bergamot and Basil to inject a surge of energy to the top. Exotic, warm spices from Clove, Ginger and Nutmeg merge with a hint of Oakwood inspired by the Brandy barrels of prohibition era; an olfactory cocktail that conjures the spirit and presence of the jazz era. This perfume is certified suitable for vegans.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN XXI ART DECO Vanilla Orchid Eau de Parfume

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Exotic and sophisticated!
The trend for the exotic is embraced in the whirlwind fantasy of Vanilla Orchid. The fusion of classic and modern carries the wearer on an alluring journey into the past, a pearl necklace flung high into the air to land in a coup of champagne.
Precious blooms that flower for just a single day, the sensual vanilla orchid adorns a table in decorative splendour. A precious jewel that adorns a feathered headpiece flung high with the spirited whirl of the Charleston. A brilliant blaze of colour and scent that explodes against the cool dark night of a starlit evening. The floriental hues juxtapose charmingly against the sharp lines of green galbanum and crisp hyacinth, an echo of velvet against chrome. The heart unfolds into a heady floral melee before delving into a warm and sweet. The precious vanilla orchid symbolises the exoticism of the Art Deco era, the energetic explosion of florals captures the racing excitement of the era.

25% Perfume Concentration. This perfume opens to the evocative touch of cool chrome with sharp Galbanum and crisp Hyacinth. Its contrasting warm heart is an explosion of florals, evolving into a sweet Vanilla base before resting on Sandalwood, Musk and smoky Vetiver. This perfume is certified suitable for vegans.


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Sparkling, sublime and elegant!
An inspired ode to the repetitive and organic shapes of the Art Nouveau era and it’s dusky yet vibrant colour palates; Water Lily is a delightful journey of fresh energy channelling the romantic and artistic movements of the time.
Dragonflies flit over water lily gardens, hovering above the delicate blooms that scent the swirling edges of the riverside, unfurling to the suns warmth. Their sweet aquatic scent luring the skating creatures in a dance of electric blue wings. Proud iris nod their heads at the side of the river bank in a riot of purple, blue and yellow hues. A vibrant water colour in the hazy mirage of a summers afternoon. Opening with an aldehydic fizz like champagne, a sparkling exuberance heralds the pure elegance of this floral chypre with the teasing essence of tuberose and jasmine. A fresh offset of green leaf rests against rich buttery orris. This perfume delves wistfully into the mysterious depths of vetiver, earth patchouli and a whisper of cashmere musk for a warm sensual finish.
Delightfully scenting the swirling eddies of the riverside for just a
few days with its sweet, fresh and aquatic fragrance the water lily
revels with exquisite iris and creamy tuberose. A floral heart falls
whistfully into a base of cashmere musk and vetiver. A delightfully
elegant chypre with freshness and poise inspired by the sensual,
fluid designs of the Art Nouveau era.


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A Classic and clean parfume!
Fougere Musky
A fascination for the Egyptian world is shown in the palm motifs adorning buildings in the Art Nouveau era, a flood of Egyptian jewels drape elegantly from a Parisian opera singer in the guise of Cleopatra. Papyrus channels this scholarly fascination with its smooth and alluring scent.
An exotic trip down the Nile, the smooth surface of the river distorted as a steam boat cuts through the waters. A dry warmth lightened by a fresh breeze. Fronds of wild papyrus cluster on the river banks, rustling the age old secrets of Pharaohs as the boat passes. The fresh green cutting against the golden tones of sand, the stems waving into the water with their fringed heads turned towards the sun. Green galbanum is warmed by a citrusy shot of pink pepper with classic bergamot sublimely complimenting an aromatic heart of smooth lavender, basil and the powdery hint of geranium. This classic fougere is given a mysterious musty note with the inclusion of the earthy, woody papyrus sedge alongside smoky vetivert and warming tonka. A linear perfume with a smoothness that echoes the impeccable style of the Art Nouveau period.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau trend towards repetitive, organic shapes, this perfume is a nod to the scholarly sense of exploration and discovery that accompanied the era. The fresh green scent of Galbanum is piqued with a shock of Pink Pepper, complemented by a hint of warm Ginger and offset with the cool smooth tones of lavender, all resting on a robust base of Cedarwood, Tonka and musky Vetiver. This perfume is certified suitable for vegans.

25% Perfume Concentration.

Kilian Dark Lord Eau de Parfum

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Inspiration: “A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feeling—unintentionally,” the quixotic Oscar Wilde once noted of the elite race of men who are shamelessly, unapologetically themselves and with perfect aplomb. They charm by their character, and please only those who are refined enough to receive them.

Fragrance story: DARK LORD ‘EX TENEBRIS LUX’ is a gentleman of the night. Meet him in the most surprising of circumstances and his mystery slowly unfolds: A head-twisting mix of shadows and light, it seduces in seconds with its elegant, long-lasting accords of leather and strong vetiver, its jasmine drenched in rum, and a dandyish entrance of bergamot and pepper. From darkness, into light.

Key notes: Vetiver essence, bergamot essence, pepper essence, Rum accord, jasmin absolute, cypriol essence.

PERFUMER: Alberto Morillas