At the age of 15, when Francis Kurkdjian decided to become a perfumer despite his complete lack of knowledge about the profession, he couldn’t possibly have imagined where this path would lead him. However, he quickly understood that it would be replete with discipline and perseverance – values he learned during years of piano and ballet lessons.

For the past twenty years he has channelled his passion, determination and devotion into perfume, which fills his days, and sometimes his nights. His relationship with perfume has deepened over the years while remaining true to the values and tradition of fine perfumery. Yet he consistently seeks to break the moulds, free perfume from its bottle and open up doors leading to new lands.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian
satin mood
Scented hair mist

501,00 Kn

The OUD satin mood Maison Francis Kurkdjian scented hair mist is a delicate and refined gesture which adds a fragrant aura to your hair. The alcohol-free hair mist is gentle on your hair and protects it from aggressive external conditions. A light misted cloud of fragrance on the hair delicately perfumes their full length. With every turn of your head, the scented hair mist reveals the powerfully sensual notes of violet blossoms, roses from Bulgaria and Turkey, vanilla amber notes and oud wood from Laos. Sheer elegance for the hair, this mist leaves a satin voile with a delicate feminine fragrance.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Amyris homme
Scented shower cream

347,00 Kn

Wake up your senses with the fresh notes of the Amyris Maison Francis Kurkdjian scented shower gel for men. Both scented and scenting, this men’s shower gel leaves a bright floral and woody fragrance in its wake with accents of amyris from Jamaica, iris from Florence, vetiver and citrus. Your morning ritual is pleasantly complete with the fiery and elegant Amyris men’s shower gel.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Amyris femme
Scented body oil

501,00 Kn

Amyris women’s scented body oil wraps the skin with a deliciously sensual veil. This non-greasy body oil has a light texture rapidly absorbed by the skin leaving it feeling satiny with a delicate fragrance. Three carefully selected oils bring their beneficial properties: Argan oil with revitalizing and antioxidant benefits, sweet almond oil to soften and regenerate, and apricot kernel oil for satiny shine. More than a scented body oil, this Amyris body oil for women completes your fragrance ritual. It reveals the fullness of the soul of the Florence iris in a flight of lemon and orange blossoms from California which inflame the amber musky accord. A body oil which not only softens the skin but leaves it irresistibly fragrant.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Amyris femme
Scented body cream

424,00 Kn

Complete your beauty ritual with the Amyris women’s scented body cream. Rich with shea butter, this moisturizing and nourishing body cream leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. A soft and fruity floral veil dresses the skin with the bright notes of lemon blossoms, amyris from Jamaica and iris from Florence. This body cream leaves an irresistible scented trail which will follow you throughout the day thanks to the Amyris Maison Francis Kurkdjian women’s scented body oil.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Aqua Vitae Cologne forte
Eau de Parfum

1.232,00 Kn

The mandarin from Italy brings a colorful freshness to the bergamot to give life to a luminous and floral citrus breath. Vibrating in unison in a halo of warm light, Aqua Vitae Cologne forte is a caressing eau de parfum with a trail full of sun and sensual musks enriched by Indian sandalwood.

Bergamot from Calabria
Known for its fruity taste in Earl Gray tea, Citrus Bergamia is widely used in perfumery because its top notes signify a sparkling freshness, a kind of “smile” of the perfume. Its essence is obtained by cold expression of the zest of the fruits. Southern Italy is specialized in the cultivation of this citrus fruit which is used in the composition of cologne and in a number of feminine and masculine creations where its fresh, floral and aromatic facets stretch to the heart.

Trenutno rasprodano

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Mon Beau Sapin
Green Candle

424,00 Kn

“O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely is thy fragrance!”
The timeless fragrance of our iconic Holiday candle is adorned with a new decoration: snow-covered pine needles with touches of a gold serigraphy.
Reminiscent of the Holiday tree color, the glass of the jar is lacquered with a deep green metalization

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
l’Homme À la rose
Eau de parfum

1.386,00 Kn

L’Homme À la rose is Francis Kurkdjian’s free interpretation of a rose for men. In the first few seconds, very fresh, green and bursting notes paired with a grapefruit accord and essence of Damask rose from Bulgaria create a sensation of natural vitality. Then come the middle notes of a rosy, very woody accord, gradually enhanced by woody amber notes which infuse the sillage with sensuality. With this fresh and bright eau de parfum, Francis Kurkdjian gives men the power to wear a rose.