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Sisley Paris
Eau de Parfum

2.011,71 kn

Through her series One Day Painting, Ymane Chabi-Gara creates a dialogue between fragments of realistic images through different techniques and textures. Lines and colors, structures and movements respond to each other and create unexpected contrasts.

“The work fits perfectly with the impressions evoked by the fragrance. The vegetal scrolls and the rich, warm shade of yellow, in contrast with the soft blue, extend the olfactory experience to a strong visual one.” Ymane Chabi-Garaw
A mastery that is reflected in the olfactory combination of Sisley’s iconic Eau du Soir fragrance, in which the freshness of citrus fruits is combined with the sensuality of flowers, all of which is highlighted with an elegant chypre signature.

Dressed with One Day Painting 2, Eau du Soir takes on a modern look with a strong style and character.

Clive Christian
20 anniversary collection
Iconic feminine
Perfume spray

3.390,53 kn

Celebrating every element that makes Clive Christian Perfume truly ICONIC
A celebration of unparalleled creativity, craftsmanship, and the rich heritage of an iconic independent
British perfume house, Clive Christian Perfume. In 2019, to mark 20 years of the perfume house and pay
tribute to its origins from the Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, Clive Christian Perfume
created these limited edition iconic scents.
Two perfumes were crafted to embody all the pride, passion, and creativity poured into every
Clive Christian Perfume, presenting the perfect opportunity to showcase the elements that make
a Clive Christian perfume truly iconic.
In 2023 meet again the modern classics – Iconic Masculine and Iconic Feminine, adorned with
platinum-colored caps. The unique abstract design on the bottles’ side, inspired by the decorative cages
found on the Crown Perfumery Company perfumes in 1872, adds a touch of elegance. These bright,
jewel-like colored bottles shine exclusively during the Christmas period.
Immortalised in 1886
Reimagined for a New Era

An explosion of Damask Rose, the queen of flowers, meets with rich saffron
and a honeyed kiss of plum and violet. Crystal clear florals and ambers
sparkle to create the feminine perfume of an iconic pair.
Perfectly crafted this Amber Floral is fresh and poised for longevity lasting
over 8 hours on the skin, settling from bright plum accented floral to soft
musky amber.
Concentration: 20%
Complexity: 234 Ingredients
As personal as a whispered secret, this perfume evokes a sense
of luxurious intimacy and timeless allure
Fragrance Family: Amber Floral
TOP: Bittersweet, leather and sensual
, the king of spices whose
use in perfumery can be traced back to antiquity
Damask Rose
gathered from Bulgaria’s “valley of the roses”, picked
only in the months of May and June at dawn
sourced directly from local beekeepers in the South of France
gives a warm tone and amplify floral notes

Clive Christian Perfume is a leading independent British perfume house with a vision to create the world’s
finest perfumes. The brand’s predecessor, the Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, is the only
house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its bottles. An image that
defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day.
Immortalised in 1886
Reimagined for a New Era

Can’t stop loving you
Eau de Parfum

2.373,37 kn

Inspiration from Kilian Hennessy: Kilian Hennessy constitutes a true declaration of love in Can’t stop loving You. This perfume joins the olfactory family of Narcotic Flowers, with the Orange Blossom as the centerpiece of the creation, a symbol of eternal love.

The perfume :Can’t stop loving You opens with Orange Blossom alongside Paradisone, an ethereal blend of jasmine that suggests pure paradise. At the heart of the fragrance, Provence Honey absolute makes its entry into the KILIAN PARIS ingredient repertoire, giving it a delicious French-touch. Madagascan Vanilla absolute adds a doubly indulgent incitement to pleasure, while notes of Oak Moss bring an earthy intensity. Somali incense extract brings sensuality, volume and mystery.

Fragrance Notes: Orange Blossom, Cistus Labdanum, Honey.

Olfactory family: Narcotic Flowers.

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas.

The Can’t stop loving You perfume is part of the Fleurs Narcotiques family by KILIAN PARIS.

More details on KILIAN PARIS craftsmanship:

True luxury should last a lifetime, and as such, all KILIAN PARIS perfume bottles are designed to be replenished.

Start by carefully removing the spray from your bottle. Screw the resource to your bottle and make sure to hold the whole thing vertically. Equipped with an anti-overflow mechanism, the dispenser will automatically stop the transfer of perfume once your bottle is full.

This new perfume resource will allow you to refill your 50ml perfume bottle.

Perfume extract

1.318,54 kn


100 ml Puredistance PAPILIO Perfume Flacon in a classic black & blue giftbox, with a handmade leather holder.

PAPILIO is multifaceted, lively and vibrant. Created by Nathalie Feisthauer in Paris. ‘Embrace your true nature’ is the concept of PAPILIO (Latin for ‘Butterfly’). Butterflies come in all shapes and colours and accept themselves as they are – in each phase of their life.

Pure Perfume Extrait: 25% perfume oil.

Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum

1.845,95 kn

A radiant aura and yet, an impalpable softness.
The sensuality and elegance of white flowers and musk.

A radiant aura and yet, an impalpable softness. This elegant floral-musky-woody fragrance created by Julien Sprecher is a unique play on codes, materials and subtle contrasts. An evocation of the skin caressed by a veil of cotton. Fresh top notes as bergamot, mandarin and sweet white peach, lead to a blend of white flowers, settling on musk and ambrofix sensual base notes.

Can’t stop loving You
Eau de Parfum

1.845,95 kn

Inspired by Kilian Hennessy: Kilian Hennessy is a true declaration of love in Can’t stop loving You. This fragrance joins the olfactory family of Narcotic Flowers, with Orange Blossom as the centerpiece of the creation, a symbol of eternal love.

The perfume :Can’t stop loving You opens with Orange Blossom alongside Paradisone, an ethereal blend of jasmine that suggests pure paradise. At the heart of the fragrance, Miel de Provence absolute is entering the KILIAN Paris ingredient repertoire, giving it a delicious French-touch. Madagascar Vanilla Absolute adds a doubly indulgent incitement to pleasure, while Oak Moss notes bring earthy intensity. Frankincense extract from Somalia brings sensuality, volume and mystery.

Olfactory notes: Orange Blossom, Paradisone, Honey

Olfactory family: Narcotic Flowers

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas

Paradis des Sens
Eau de Parfum

1.205,52 kn

High qualities, high standards, perfection with no compromise.
Roses & jasmine; a scent rich & textural, wrapped with smoky sandalwood. An elegant encounter of contrasting notes & textures perfected with the statement of creamy white musk, & decadent vanilla that intensifies this majestic floral scent. Can you hear the whispers of the ylang-ylang buds luring you into this perfect world, as the notes of vibrant bergamots & tangerines capture your senses just in time for the majestically crowned neroli to welcome you to Utopia.

Paradis des Sens
Eau de Parfum

1.205,52 kn

Perfection & harmony in its purest forms.
Arcadia, a world of naive innocence & simple pleasures. Luscious green woods & tall Cedars bearded with tree moss. Fields of aroma that invites you to shed your shoes & come in for a walk-in twilight.
Listen! As nature in harmony carefully plays an Arcadian symphony of contrasting notes & reflections, warming notes of pink pepper, cedar & patchouli meet cooling notes of violets, tangerine and vanilla.

Love, don’t be shy
Icon set

2.222,68 kn

Inspired by Kilian Hennessy: KILIAN Paris celebrates 15 years with an exclusive limited-edition holiday design inspired by the Eiffel Tower, a tribute to the brand’s French heritage.The 15th Anniversary Edition features the Love, don’t be shy perfume in a decorated perfume bottle.

The Perfume: The innocence of first love stands out with the green notes of honeysuckle and the splendor of a rose gently caressed by a marshmallow accord, like the promise of a beautiful story. In the background, warm amber brings a touch of sensuality, evoking the possibility of meeting a new soul, to be discovered in depth.

Fragrance Notes: Neroli, Orange Blossom, Marshmallow.

Olfactory family:

Perfumer: Calice Becker.

More details on the KILIAN Paris know-how:
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the House, KILIAN Paris is launching a new limited edition design, inspired by the Eiffel Tower and its iconic lighthouses that illuminate the capital. Drawn to the perception of the Tower seen from the sky, the design represents the beams of light, golden as champagne, which emanate from its summit.
These details brought to the creation of KILIAN Paris refillable bottles are guarantees of a luxury that should not be ephemeral, but should last a lifetime. This is why the bottle is refillable indefinitely.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge 540
Shimmering body oil

1.431,56 kn

The Baccarat Rouge 540 sparkling body oil is a sensual conclusion to a beauty ritual, beautifying the skin with a floral, amber and woody aura. This shimmering 24-carat gold scented oil is inspired by the secret of Rouge à l’or, an alchemy obtained by blending crystal and gold powder, leaving the skin delicately sparkled and scented.

woody ambery floral

Top notes:
Jasmine & Saffron
Base notes:
Cedar wood
Heart notes:
Ambergris accord

Sisley Paris
Eau de Parfum

1.868,56 kn

Christine d’Ornano invited her long-time friend, Franco-American artist Sydney Albertini, to once again decorate the bottle of this iconic fragrance. Eau de parfum evening water 100ml “Sydney Albertini is inspired by her series of twenty abstract figures and faces drawn in charcoal on brown paper, the theme of which is ” revealing more by hiding.”

Feminine motifs follow their movement, concealing and revealing the body in all its complexity. The power of lines and color oscillates between abstraction and figuration, giving this work striking energy and emotion. A refined Eau de Parfum, the iconic Sisley fragrance combines the freshness of citrus fruits with the dazzling sensuality of flowers, underlined by an elegant chypre signature.

Parfums de Marly
Dry body oil

602,76 kn

In accompaniment to its emblematic fragrance, Parfums de Marly has created a Delina body oil. This light, non-greasy formula sublimates the skin, adorning it with notes of rose, peony, lychee and grapefruit on a subtle base of vanilla and musk. Depending on skin tone and season, it stirs the original notes and further modulates their seductive power. A sensual, multi-faceted delight.

Inspired by 18th century perfumery and the Pavillon des Bains, a pavilion for wellbeing at the heart of the Château de Marly, Delina body oil is a sensual complement to modern beauty rituals. For application on the skin before perfuming with the Eau de Parfum or on its own, especially in summer, for a subtle scent.

Ormonde Jayne
Eau de Parfum

1.130,18 kn

The ultimate in soft powdery perfume with facets of iris, bluebells and violets like sweet candy floss, Babylonia begins its persuasion with a quartet of luscious gourmand notes – blackcurrant, pink pepper, davana and bergamot – followed by the heavenly warmth of soft musk, sweet resins, vanilla and praline.

The perfume sings in perfect harmony and could not fail to achieve a sense of romance – positively enchanting.

Eau de Parfum

1.958,97 kn

G Spot. A climactic perfume. The kiss of rose, the caress of white musks, the soft bite of leather, the intense passion of vanilla, woods and amber….a vertigo for the senses. This perfume is built like a vibration, a pulse, a crescendo. It grows on skin and adds a new facet to the previous one as you keep going back to your skin, until it reaches its full completion in an exhale of pure pleasure. This perfume is vegan.

You can personalize your scent by layering it with one of our boosters. Try adding Eau du Jpor or a touch of freshness and luminosity or Eau de Nuit for a touch of warmth and mystery. Our boosters are conveniently available as Eau de Parfum or as Body Lotion.

Eau de Toilette

821,26 kn


Delphine Jelk,
Guerlain Perfumer