Tiziana Terenzi je obiteljska talijanska marka mirisa, prvenstveno mirisnih svijeća, a zatim i parfema. Osnovana je kao Cereria Terenzi 1968. godine u Cattolici, u prostoru od 16 četvornih metara, entuzijazmom svog utemeljitelja Evelina Terenzija koji je kroz inovaciju nastavio obiteljsku tradiciju. Njegov otac Guglielmo sudjelovao je u osnivanju radnje u kojoj je proizvodio svijeće za crkve. Uz pomoć svoje supruge, Luigie Mancini, postavio je laboratorij u maloj sobi velike obiteljske kuće – odnosno prva cigla u onome što će postati priča duga preko 40 godina, prenesena do današnjeg dana, iz generacije u generaciju.
Djeca Evelina Terenzija, Tiziana i Paolo sada su vlasnici robne marke. Dizajnerica je Tiziana Terenzi, dok je Paolo Terenzi nos i predsjednik tvrtke.


1.771,00 Kn

Lince is famous for being a constellation reach in double, pulsing stars; just like a lighthouse in the night sends signals to wanderers and dreamers.

Nestled in this dark sky, the scents of flowers laid on the streets were powerfully echoing in the air; capturing the children’s imagination on a dreamlike journey riding the legendary hippogriph who once lived here in Sicily!

We can now reveal this wonderful new creation that opens with the freshness of Sicilian citrus where bergamot emerges and orange is emphasized by a grapefruit that is strongly holding onto the hypnotic power of absent; strengthen by unusual touch of anise and green tea!! The heart that comes with a fast beat after the sparkling head opens up with notes of jasmine, rose and Iris.

A drop of liquid seduction inspired by beautiful Sicily.


2.079,00 Kn

The Fragrance opens with a flower bouquet that enlightens Purple Lily (Florence emblem) and Jasmine, holding each other tight with the power of Italian saffron and oranges’ freshness. The highly rich and precious top note gently lays on an intense heart note, capable of making this dreamlike journey unforgettable. It is at this stage that the elegance of Ylang Ylang appears and is suddenly accompanied by Magnolia’s refined seduction. They are both emphasized by the rare and aphrodisiac Gray Amber, lovingly hugged by the celestial sweetness of White Lily of the Valley.

The entire creation stands on a base of precious woods just like in the most refined Tuscan tradition, where together with Sandalwood, Birch and Terenzi Library’s Musk we find also the strength of Tuscan leather and local Oak’s Musk.

In this precious vial, red as passion, is embodied the emotion that only Florence and its eternal beauty can donate.

Trenutno rasprodano


2.926,00 Kn

Floral, oriental
Mirach is one of the most famous stars of the constellation of Andromeda, notably for its incredible dimensions that exceed those of our sun by four times. For this reason it is classified as a Red Giant and is capable of releasing huge spirals of fire that dance sinuously in the silent cosmos. This creation harvests this powerful yet gentle fire, making it dance on the skin with a sinuous and fluctuating rhythm. A fire of distant echoes that chase and overtake each other in the fundamental splendor of the purest beauty. A flux of passionate and seductive emotions in a hypnotic spiral of fire with the regal touch of precious woods. A fragrance that will envelop you in an unforgettable journey in perennial pursuit of a moment of fleeting beauty.

Trenutno rasprodano

TIZIANA TERENZI Almond Vanilla Scented candle

1.332,00 Kn

Tiziana Terenzi’s Almond Vanilla candle unveils a timeless gourmand scent, ancient and modern at the same time. The right balance of sweetness and bitterness in an intense blend able to give to the moment the greedy emotion of a reassuring maternal caress. A journey of contrasts, emotions, tastes and smells different from each other. The intense bitterness of almond meets the timeless sweetness of fruity Madagascar vanilla and the wonderful earthly aroma of Tahitian vanilla. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection!
100% refined food-grade hydrogenated paraffin wax
Pure wooden wicks without chemical bleaches
Non-toxic colorants

TIZIANA TERENZI Caput Mundi Eau de Parfum

2.079,00 Kn

Amber, spicy, floral
For centuries the New Moon, that appears as a bright black circle, has been considered symbol of good luck and future prosperity; especially during the glorious era of the Roman Empire.

Like every new beginning, even this time intervals defined by lunar cycles carried with them high hopes for the future and the possibility to make their wishes come true.

This creation opens with a mellow and sweet flower note, where the precious Absolute of Bulgarian Rose echoes while paired to Rosa Tea and Lily of the Valley. This is when the invaluable Iris emerges, sustained by the strength of Cabreuva wood from Brazil. These regal and gentle head note lays on a brave heart created with Indian Black Oudh and Sandalwood, wisely blended with Red Patchouli. These woods find their strength thank to the echo of Orris (the most expensive ingredient of the perfumery) and Red Saffron from Sicily. This heart grows its roots on a base that is up to this regal wonder. It is only now that we can clearly sense the aphrodisiac push of Grey Amber, hugged by Cuban Cedar and Cashmere Wood. In the name of an extraordinary lasting we experince the imperial force of Vietnamese Agarwood and Cambodian Oudh.

The everlasting strength of the City capital of the world enclosed in a drop of eternal regal beauty for true esthete of refined realities, with no time boundaries and without an end, just like the Black Moon cycle.

8016741152535-tiziana-terenzi-porpora-100-ml-extrait-de-parfum-niche-lana-zagreb-parfumerija Trenutno rasprodano

Tiziana Terenzi
Extrait de Parfum

1.925,00 Kn

The creation is inspired by the magnificence of the famous Red Moon which sometimes leaps out, in a sudden fiery ball of light, from behind the horizon. Perhaps the most magical and mysterious image of this long trip down memory lane, made by the child in us as we reflect on the most peaceful, carefree period of our lives.


Tiziana Terenzi
Extrait de Parfum

1.771,00 Kn

This work was inspired by the discovery of a Constellation, that of the Vela, visible from a faraway country, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern hemisphere. It tells the tale of a land that appears exotic and mysterious in the eyes of two children who, for the very first time, prepared to face a long, adventurous journey. Indeed, for the very first time, Paolo and Tiziana were travelling to the unknown land where their Aunt Marzia lived, sister of their father Evelino and daughter of their beloved grandparents: extravagant Brazil.

8016741132537-tiziana-terenzi-foconero-100-ml-extrait-de-parfum-niche-lana-zagreb-parfumerija Trenutno rasprodano

Tiziana Terenzi
Extrait de Parfum

1.309,00 Kn

The fragrance is inspired by the cool evenings in the salty sea air spent on a road trip through this land which is fruit of a centuries-old tradition, with its strong, bold flavours and its heavenly, divine scents. The essence of a roaring fire lit on a pitch black night at the top of the Zaro cliffside on Punta Caruso on the Island of Ischia. Cliffs which drop sharply into the sea, looking towards the Gulf. A night with no lights, in a darkness darker than the black of night, lit only by the sizzling of the bonfire and by the dim light of the spitting ember which breaks the silence of nature; a cool, scented wind rises around Paolo and Tiziana, a wind that encompasses all the aromas of the Mediterranean bush, so full of beauty and history.

8016741072536-tiziana-terenzi-gumin-extrait-de-parfum-100-ml-niche-lana-zagreb-parfumerija Trenutno rasprodano

Tiziana Terenzi Gumin Extrait de Parfum

2.541,00 Kn

This fragrance is dedicated to Guglielmo, the founder and pillar of Terenzi’s artisan perfumery, which from generation to generation continues his journey in search of wonder. An extract dedicated to those who like to distinguish themselves with style that is understated but clear-cut, unique but elegant, powerful but not egocentric. A timeless, elegant perfume that speaks of glittering love, of reassuring tenderness, of a joyful eve that announces the greatest celebration in the world: that of life.


Tiziana Terenzi
Extrait de Parfum

2.695,00 Kn

The regal and precious perfume that once was used only for great occasions and for the most important ceremonies, around the great bonfires of weddings and the fires lighting up the notes of gala evenings, now becomes an innovative and distinctive perfume, dedicated to those who wish to distinguish themselves for their extremely subtle elegance, with a touch of incomparable class and style, for those who need no loud showiness in order to be noticed, because the trail of their unique and inimitable perfume is sufficient.