Blanche Arvoy je 1923. godine osnovala parfumeriju Jovoy Paris. Lansirali su 4 mirisa u bočicama koje izgledaju poput životinja. Blanche started a new house, the house of Corday a year later, which she named after Charlotte Codray, a participant in the French revolution. It ended its production in the beginning of the 1960es. Designer Jovoy Paris has 23 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2007 and the newest is from 2015. Jovoy Paris mirise stvarali su nosevi Michelle Saramitot, Bertrand Duchaufour, Jacques Flori, Amelie Bourgeois, Vanina Muracciole, Marc Fanton d’Andon, Cecile Zarokian, Sidonie Lancesseur, Amandine Marie, Jerome Epinette, Daniel Moliere i Richard Ibanez.

JOVOY PARIS Private Label Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Oriental, woody
This ideal and contemporary oriental fragrance's trail is as elegant as it is powerful. Both leathery and smoky, it is a highly recognisable signature scent that is exclusively for strong personalities, men and women, confident of who they are in all circumstances. A restricted circle of people who are passionate about life, who don't need recognition from others to exist and who stand by their choices with unshakeable self-assurance.
Papyrus, sandalwood, vetiver

JOVOY PARIS L Arbre de la Connaissance Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Woody, aromatic,fruity

White and black, good and bad, wisdom and madness, sun and night… Ever since the beginning of time, the fig tree has revealed its magical, luminous and magnetic powers. Yet where, among its astonishing green freshness and its solar sensuality, lies the truth? Without a doubt, it is in the contentment that comes when thinking of nothing, letting ourselves slip little by little into absolute serenity, savouring the present moment exactly under the sun. The wisdom of this Tree of Enlightenment guides each of us to the discovery of our true desires.
Green notes, fig, fig tree

JOVOY PARIS Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Beware of first impressions… A sweet whisper brings to mind cotton candy – simple innocence, and yet Ambre Premier hides its real intentions and lives up to its name. Grandiose and out to conquer, it tattoos skin with a voluptuous and indelible mark that leaves nothing to chance and even less to weakness. Night time is its preferred domain, passionate nights that are profound and sensual, where the heat of its lingering wake collides with the first light of dawn, as if to better defy the day.
Spices, rose, amber

Držać mjesta

JOVOY PARIS Remember Me Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Oriental, gourmand
How many times have you let yourself be taken by surprise and found yourself enticed by a fragrance wafting from a café terrace, captivated by scent of a secret garden — or perhaps beguiled by an unforgettable perfume worn by a stranger in a crowd? And how many times have you secretly wished to be that anonymous stranger who captivates merely by virtue of a perfume?
Like perfectly formed exotic dancers, frangipani flowers engage in an elaborate, spellbinding choreography. As the enchantment takes hold, a plume of traditional chai tea perfects the charm. Ginger and cardamom set ablaze an irresistible cloud of milky, gourmand notes.
A spell in the guise of a perfume that murmurs Remember Me.
Cardamom, frangipiani tree, vanilla

JOVOY PARIS Psychedelique Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Woody, oriental
Peace and love forever… This 'revival' perfume pays homage to the '70s, the decade that transformed patchouli into the legendary scent of the counterculture. At all the festivals, from Wight to Woodstock, patchouli's woody and mysterious richness sang the backup vocals for the rock mindset of a new generation of rebellious youth. Today, it has made its comeback, more hippie chic than ever and the boho-glam idol par excellence. It is a classic in its own right, with all of its audacity intact. Retro-nostalgia has never been so modern.
Citrus fruits, patchouli,vanilla

JOVOY PARIS Rouge Assassin Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Floral, woody, musky
A colour can have an odour. This Rouge Assassin perfumes the powdery nuances of a carmine, voluptuously ardent lipstick. A woman's lipstick, a woman in love who would use it to write a message on a mirror, a fervent declaration or fiery last words, final until tomorrow. Passion, jealousy, vengeance… Love is a hot-blooded killer who leaves behind a criminal trail. As he passes, both women and men succumb.
Rose, ambrette, iris