Parfums de Marly Pegasus Eau de Parfum 3700578506009

Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum

1.319,00 Kn
175,06 EUR

Both powdery and fresh, Pegasus stands out for its classic structure of fern warmed by vanilla and creamy almond suffused with a veil of sandalwood. An intense and vibrant fragrance which has become a must-have.


Ormonde Jayne
Eau de Parfum

1.093,00 Kn
138,03 EUR

Like a deliciously crisp spring day, this uplifting creation with Japanese Osmanthus absolute is a beautifully composed bouquet of flowers, embellished with golden citrus notes. Layered on a bed of Egyptian sweet herbs, it is intense, fresh and yet uncomplicated.


Tiziana Terenzi
Eau de Parfum

1.959,00 Kn
260,00 EUR

Tiziana Terenzi’s Orion Extrait De Parfum is inspired by summer trips on a wood sailboat, getting to know the infinite beauty of Italy. It’s spicy and intense, and strong yet delicate at the same time.


Perfume Extrait

1.319,00 Kn
178,91 EUR

Puredistance OPARDU has an instant hypnotizing effect that revives memories of love, romance and seduction. Be prepared for a perfume that will bring you back to the velvety nightlife of Paris in earlier days. It brings back the rich beauty of a bygone era in a modern and elegant way.


Comme des Garçons Odeur 53 Eau de Toilette

979,00 Kn
129,94 EUR


An abstract anti perfume. The latest technology is used to clone odours from inorganic materials. Smells never before used, with no precise name only abstract ideas.

The Freshness of Oxygen, Flaming Rock, Freshly Mowed Grass, Wash Drying in the Wind, Sand Dunes, Pure Air of the High Mountains, Flash of Metal, Nail Polish