Tiziana Terenzi
Extrait de Parfum

1.883,63 kn

At the end of a warm, sun-kissed summer, Paolo and Tiziana encountered a Black Moon for the very first time. This particular eclipse terrified them, making them feel as though the darkness has swallowed their dear friend the Moon. Their grandfather immediately understood how they were feeling and held them in a warm and protective embrace. This unforgettable emotion was the spark that created Eclix, the fragrance of the Black Moon and of reassuring love. A new creation that joins the Luna Collection, where the fairy-tale element of memory explores the lines between magic and reality.


Clive Christian
Original Collection
Masculine “X”
Eau de Parfum

2.637,08 kn

One of the world’s rarest and most expensive spices, cool, fresh Cardamom joins fiery Pink Pepper, Ginger and Bergamot in an explosive blend of top notes that immediately enliven the senses.
Rich oil derived from the heart of the Iris flower – a symbol of strength – produces a smooth and silky centre, around which agile notes of Violet and Cinnamon pique the senses, summoning the rich textures of the bazaar.
Coarser textures of Vetiver and Tree moss are sweetened by the delicate touch of Vanilla, balancing the hotter tones of Cinnamon above to create an earthy base reminiscent of the dewy ground at daybreak.


Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum

2.298,02 kn

This sensual fragrance is built mainly around a “sandalwood” theme that is warm, with a hint of vanilla, soothing and rich. Aromas of vanilla, dark patchouli and opoponax.

The blend distils its aura of Oriental mystery through a delicate play on its accents of nutmeg, saffron and Tonka bean. On the skin this rich, densely textured creation ultimately reveals itself as irrepressibly joyful.

Mandragore Pourpre
Eau de Parfum

1.574,71 kn

From the writings of Machiavelli to Shakespeare, the powers surrounding the mandrake are legendary. The mystical root was said to divert lightning and was used to make love potions. In the back of a workshop, through a thin vapor of star anise and patchouli, a purple liquid bubbles from an alembic. The mandrake elixir works its magic and unfurls its mysterious, aromatic fragrance.

Eau de Toilette

1.326,07 kn

Before drifting into the long summer evening, the little village in Provence is deserted. It’s the sacred hour of the siesta. Only fragrances float through the air. The aroma of basil by the window sill. The scent of verbena wafting over the little stone wall. And in the shade of the orange trees on the square, the only sound is the bubbling fountain and the song of the cicadas.


White Falls

512,35 kn


Fluid cleansing cream


This cleansing emulsion, characterised by a rich yet lightweight texture, eliminates impurities, protecting the natural balance of the skin, and perfectly removes eye make-up. Camomile extract and corn starch soothe and soften fragile and weakened skin.


Remove eye make-up using a cotton pad. Apply product to the face and throat with circular movements.


125 ml