Eau de Parfum

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Cassili is a sweetness and romantic declaration to the XVIIIth century, between heritage and modernity.

Versailles was dubbed the “perfumed court” under Louis XV. The king, together with the Marquise De Pompadour, reigned supreme over the arts and pleasures, particularly the pleasures of perfume.

The Marquise De Pompadour was an influential female figure known for her artistic flair and sophisticated elegance. She launched the trend of pastel .This is known as the Style Pompadour, so great was her influence on decorative arts.

For the most of her adult life, Madame de Pompadour was the favourite confidant of King Louis XV. Like him she developed a clear taste for fruit essence.
Selecting materials of exceptional quality and combining them with unprecedented molecules, the perfumers challenged the established codes of the olfactory pyramid to create a round and vibrant fragrance, in which the notes interact and, once in contact with the skin, blossom and blend.

Did you know, that in Versailles, in the Sun King’s Fruit Garden – the king was a great enthusiast of peaches – there were already around forty different varieties with names that are sometimes evocative of feminine charms: “Téton de Vénus” (Venus’ nipple), “Belle de Chevreuse” (Chevreuse beauty), “Grosse Mignonne” (Big pretty one).

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