Ambre Fetiche Man
Eau de Parfum

You have to know it’s there, and have no fear of mazes or crowds. In his tiny shop filled with spices from around the world, a merchant displays his treasures. Between the swirls of incense, he tells the story of each amphora, before unveiling the rarest of them all beneath a velvet cover. He alone knows whether it is gold or amber resin, voluptuous and enveloping. Like a mirage, a journey of the senses: an opulent, voluptuous and textured fragrance.


In 1981, the first store opened on Belchase Street, a small sanctuary on the Left Bank imbued with a certain Parisian charm – a happy intuition because it was the ground of the intellectuals and journalists who had become the creator’s first loyal. In contrast to the trends highlighting powerful fragrances, the very personal and avant-garde creations of the Maison Gotal are rapidly enticing an audience of connoisseurs and artists. Inspired by the nature of rare olfactory combinations, Annick Gottal created her own style, made of delicacy, brilliance, cheerfulness and personality. Putting her first innovation in 1981, Annick Gottal is a pioneer in niche perfumery.

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