Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Amyris homme
Scented shower cream

347,00 Kn

Wake up your senses with the fresh notes of the Amyris Maison Francis Kurkdjian scented shower gel for men. Both scented and scenting, this men’s shower gel leaves a bright floral and woody fragrance in its wake with accents of amyris from Jamaica, iris from Florence, vetiver and citrus. Your morning ritual is pleasantly complete with the fiery and elegant Amyris men’s shower gel.

Držać mjesta

Jacques Zolty
Eau de Parfum

847,00 Kn

Powdery, Aromatic

This composition is an olfactory self-portrait that depicts a life lived with passion and gumption. It expresses the enthusiasm and zest that lead us to new destinations and experiences, guided by nothing else but curiosity. The bouquet is dedicated to those who embark on the journey of life, driven by a sense of adventure.

HEAD: Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary
HEART: Touch of Rose
BASE: Cypress, Patchouli, Oak Moss, Amber, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cashmere wood

Nuit Étoilée
Eau de Toilette

1.155,00 Kn

The modern men’s fragrance Nuit Étoilée by the cosmetics label Annick Goutal impresses as a refreshing eau de parfum spray from early morning until late at night. The intense top note of mint, lemon and orange mixes with the spicy heart note of fir and pine to create a refined, masculine fragrance composition. The men’s fragrance Nuit Étoilée by Annick Goutal is rounded off with a gentle base note of everlasting flowers, tonka beans and real amber. These natural fragrances remind men of beautiful vacation days with every spray, so that they can relax with this fragrance at any time. Even on a bright day, men can feel the clear, starry night of a French summer sky.

Nuit Étoilée – Eau de Parfum Spray for discerning men
The perfumers Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen created the trendy men’s fragrance for the Annick Goutal label in the tradition of the founder of the perfume house. The fresh Eau de Parfum Spray is filled into a bright glass bottle. The handy flacon is opened with a handle for a spray of the delicious scent. That’s why women also love this men’s fragrance, so that this fragrance composition is also considered a unisex fragrance for many fragrance lovers. The pure freshness of nature of the fragrance made exclusively in France is a good choice in every season.

Encens Flamboyant
Eau de Parfum

1.155,00 Kn

Drawn to the captivating and melancholic sound of music, she ventures down a palace lane away from the bustling city. She glimpses the scene of an ancient perfuming ritual through a mashrabiya. Bejeweled silhouettes are standing around an incense burner. Thin columns of smoke rise up through the balmy night air to the starry sky.
Discover our oriental olfactive creations, fragrances with sweet, warm base notes.

Eau de Monsieur
Eau de Toilette

963,00 Kn

Monsieur celebrates the timeless elegance of men with a certain flair, whose classic style belies an underlying virility. An ode to sophistication with a burst of freshness that cannot conceal the full-bodied fragrance that comes alive on the skin in a sensual halo of warm and enveloping notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

Pegasus Exclusif
Eau de Parfum

2.041,00 Kn

The sensuality of the much-appreciated vanilla, given an oriental twist with amber and wood (sandal, natural oud, guaiac), combines with floral heart notes. Jasmine, lavender, bitter almond and geranium.
Then, freedom comes calling. A fine balance of bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and heliotrope. An abundance of elegance.

Unfettered masculinity

This fragrance continues the tradition of Parfums de Marly founded by Julien Sprecher in 2009 to restore the golden age of perfume: the XVIII century and its splendour, the extreme elegance of the Cour des Senteurs, the French temerity.

Not quite the same, not quite different

Eight years ago, Pegasus marked a chapter in Parfums de Marly’s history with its woody and exceptionally distinguished signature.
Pegasus Exclusif retains two of its most characteristic and addictive ingredients: bitter almond and vanilla.Pegasus Exclusif is worn like a new dress code.
Its distinguishing marks are serene virility and exhilarating power.

As many forms of masculinity as there are men

A scent full of character, Pegasus Exclusif gains momentum on the skin.
The exclusive nature of each ingredient affords the formulation an intense alchemy on the skin as well as exceptional strength and resilience.
Each wearer can find their temperament within it. Its rush. Its force.

Tom Ford
Eau de Parfum

2.738,00 Kn

‘Beau de Jour’ Eau de Parfum is for “the groomed gentleman who considers every detail”, much like the founder himself, who never forgets to wear fragrance. Part of the brand’s Private Collection, this clean and refreshing scent opens with African Rosemary and Mint before mellowing through Patchouli, Amber and a hint of warm Musk.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
l’Homme À la rose
Eau de parfum

1.386,00 Kn

L’Homme À la rose is Francis Kurkdjian’s free interpretation of a rose for men. In the first few seconds, very fresh, green and bursting notes paired with a grapefruit accord and essence of Damask rose from Bulgaria create a sensation of natural vitality. Then come the middle notes of a rosy, very woody accord, gradually enhanced by woody amber notes which infuse the sillage with sensuality. With this fresh and bright eau de parfum, Francis Kurkdjian gives men the power to wear a rose.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris
Amyris homme
Extrait de Parfum

1.887,00 Kn

Amyris is a luminous fragrance steeped in natural, urban elegance, reflecting a vibrant parisian lifestyle. In this new Extrait de parfum composition, Francis Kurkdjian infused new energy to the duo featuring amyris from Jamaica and iris from Florence: an ambery-woody note for him, enhanced by the warmth of a spicy vanilla, a playful whirlwind of the senses.

Eau de Parfum

1.617,00 Kn

”The power of freshness – Sedley is a new take on freshness, that shakes up the old rules of this olfactory segment with a dual formula between hot & cold.”

A subtle mixture of classic and modern. The lightness of citrus sets off the power of mint.

Hivernal® Neo reinvents the feeling of water. Sedley encapsulates in its olfactory DNA, the balance between opposites right, where noble materials and futurist molecules collide.

Top notes
Bergamot, Spearmint, Watery accord

Heart notes
Geranium, Lavender

Base notes
Sandalwood, Vulcain incense

Eau de Parfum

2.310,00 Kn

Interlude Black Iris Man is a spicy, woody Eau de Parfum created by perfumer Pierre Negrin at a concentracion of 25% of fragrance oil.
Harmony resonates in the heart of Interlude Black Iris Man. Zesty Bergamot, Rosemary and Violet Leaves conjure perpetuating intervals of conflict which are countered by notes of Amber, Frankincense, Cistus and Myrrh. A layer of Orris Absolute and Vanilla smoothensthe heart of the composition . Finally, notes of leather, Agarwood Smoke, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Cedarwood in the base add lasting depth and texture.

Top notes: Bergamot, Rosemary, Violet Leaves
Heart Notes: Orris, Amber, Frankincense, Cistus, Myrrh, Vanilla
Base Notes: Leather, Agarwood Smoke, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood