Nuit Étoilée
Eau de Toilette


The modern men’s fragrance Nuit Étoilée by the cosmetics label Annick Goutal impresses as a refreshing eau de parfum spray from early morning until late at night. The intense top note of mint, lemon and orange mixes with the spicy heart note of fir and pine to create a refined, masculine fragrance composition. The men’s fragrance Nuit Étoilée by Annick Goutal is rounded off with a gentle base note of everlasting flowers, tonka beans and real amber. These natural fragrances remind men of beautiful vacation days with every spray, so that they can relax with this fragrance at any time. Even on a bright day, men can feel the clear, starry night of a French summer sky.

Nuit Étoilée – Eau de Parfum Spray for discerning men
The perfumers Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen created the trendy men’s fragrance for the Annick Goutal label in the tradition of the founder of the perfume house. The fresh Eau de Parfum Spray is filled into a bright glass bottle. The handy flacon is opened with a handle for a spray of the delicious scent. That’s why women also love this men’s fragrance, so that this fragrance composition is also considered a unisex fragrance for many fragrance lovers. The pure freshness of nature of the fragrance made exclusively in France is a good choice in every season.


In 1981, the first store opened on Belchase Street, a small sanctuary on the Left Bank imbued with a certain Parisian charm – a happy intuition because it was the ground of the intellectuals and journalists who had become the creator’s first loyal. In contrast to the trends highlighting powerful fragrances, the very personal and avant-garde creations of the Maison Gotal are rapidly enticing an audience of connoisseurs and artists. Inspired by the nature of rare olfactory combinations, Annick Gottal created her own style, made of delicacy, brilliance, cheerfulness and personality. Putting her first innovation in 1981, Annick Gottal is a pioneer in niche perfumery.

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