Scents of Wood
Eau de Parfum


Mineral Cedar takes you on a fragrant journey to the central coast. The invigorating blend of coastal breeze, creamy woods, and resinous amber is perfect for those who crave a touch of whimsy in their lives. Lavandin offers a modern complexity, while the patented Operanide allows the waves to wash over you.

A Cool Coastal Breeze
Cool elements of smoky Cedarwood lend this fragrance a dewy quality that chills the skin and calls back to the foggy mornings of the salty central coast.

Resinous Serenity
Creamy and smoky textures of amber and Tonka round out the breeziness with a nuanced warmth that enriches the aroma and leaves a faint memory on the skin.

Perfect Tone
Lavandin offers a complexity and sense of drama to the bouquet, transporting you to a mystical world with the help of our patented ingredient: Operanide.

Drift Away
Uplifting and mysterious in equal measure, Mineral Cedar allows you to gently tumble into a dream of a seaside paradise with smokey woods and cool, creamy textures.

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