Can’t stop loving you
Eau de Parfum


Inspiration from Kilian Hennessy: Kilian Hennessy constitutes a true declaration of love in Can’t stop loving You. This perfume joins the olfactory family of Narcotic Flowers, with the Orange Blossom as the centerpiece of the creation, a symbol of eternal love.

The perfume :Can’t stop loving You opens with Orange Blossom alongside Paradisone, an ethereal blend of jasmine that suggests pure paradise. At the heart of the fragrance, Provence Honey absolute makes its entry into the KILIAN PARIS ingredient repertoire, giving it a delicious French-touch. Madagascan Vanilla absolute adds a doubly indulgent incitement to pleasure, while notes of Oak Moss bring an earthy intensity. Somali incense extract brings sensuality, volume and mystery.

Fragrance Notes: Orange Blossom, Cistus Labdanum, Honey.

Olfactory family: Narcotic Flowers.

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas.

The Can’t stop loving You perfume is part of the Fleurs Narcotiques family by KILIAN PARIS.

More details on KILIAN PARIS craftsmanship:

True luxury should last a lifetime, and as such, all KILIAN PARIS perfume bottles are designed to be replenished.

Start by carefully removing the spray from your bottle. Screw the resource to your bottle and make sure to hold the whole thing vertically. Equipped with an anti-overflow mechanism, the dispenser will automatically stop the transfer of perfume once your bottle is full.

This new perfume resource will allow you to refill your 50ml perfume bottle.

Scents of Wood
Eau de Parfum


Mineral Cedar takes you on a fragrant journey to the central coast. The invigorating blend of coastal breeze, creamy woods, and resinous amber is perfect for those who crave a touch of whimsy in their lives. Lavandin offers a modern complexity, while the patented Operanide allows the waves to wash over you.

A Cool Coastal Breeze
Cool elements of smoky Cedarwood lend this fragrance a dewy quality that chills the skin and calls back to the foggy mornings of the salty central coast.

Resinous Serenity
Creamy and smoky textures of amber and Tonka round out the breeziness with a nuanced warmth that enriches the aroma and leaves a faint memory on the skin.

Perfect Tone
Lavandin offers a complexity and sense of drama to the bouquet, transporting you to a mystical world with the help of our patented ingredient: Operanide.

Drift Away
Uplifting and mysterious in equal measure, Mineral Cedar allows you to gently tumble into a dream of a seaside paradise with smokey woods and cool, creamy textures.

Scents of wood
Eau de Parfum


Imagine delicious candied woods, and smoked syrup. This fragrance exudes the addiction of maple syrup and intrigue of mysterious woods. Cedarwood Atlas has an earthy, woody leathery aroma with hints of balsamic sweetness while Peru Balsam is laced with notes of vanilla, chocolate, and even a trace of white floral intoxication.

A delicious & nostalgic combination inspired by a Springtime tradition in Canada.
Perfumer Natasha Cote-Mouzannar was inspired by her tender memories of spending early Spring days in Canada and tapping maple trees, collecting sap, and making maple syrup as a tradition. The perfect representation of a sugar house, nestled deep in an oak forest.

Scents of wood
Eau de Parfum


The unique textures and provocative nuances of this intoxicating fragrance are bound to leave a profound impression. With an intensity that waxes and wanes throughout the day, this is a fragrance that imprints itself on the senses. Indulge in this sophisticated blend, an unforgettable adventure awaits.

Creamy Sandalwood
The purity of Sandalwood rises through this gorgeous scent and emerges from the background to transcend and empower the olfactory experience.

Encounters of Guaiacwood
Invigorating and addictive, Guaiacwood lends a modern woody facet to the accord and leaves an imprint of smokey sophistication on the skin.

Sweet and Spice
Notes of Burnt Sugar, Smoked Sage, and Pink Pepper dot the high points of this aromatic experience. They create an aura of near-mystical power, like an homage to a time long gone, when perfumes were the privilege of the Gods.

Textured Roots
Additional flavors of Iris and Vanilla Beans complete this stunning bouquet and provide a smoothness that further enhances the creamy delight of its Sandalwood foundation.

Scents of wood
Eau de Parfum


An explosion of refined balsams brings a golden opulence to the gourmand category.
Perfumer Meabh McCurtin imagined a decadent and comforting balsamic bread signature by combining the buttery creamy facets of Sandalwood, with the toasted warmth of Bran Abs. and almond tonalities of Tonka Bean.

The fresh camphor of Rosemary and smoked Olibanum cuts through the gourmand sweetness to give it more depth. The result is a refined edible fragrance that is inviting and addicting.

Scents of wood
Eau de Parfum


Feel the warmth of a sun-kissed embrace with a fragrance that embarks you on a journey of spices, fruits, and amber to create an enthralling exhilaration of the senses.

Amber Sunsets
Feel the heat with a sultry sunset of the senses with Cedramber. A natural balm for the challenges of the day, this fragrance leaves a sun-kissed imprint on your skin that calls to memories of summer.

Sparks of Acacia
An untamable scent of spice and Ginger dances on the palette and exudes a velvety spark that speaks to the heart.

Fresh Expressions
Notes of Ginger Oil, Cinnamon Bark, and Cypriol Heart add further electricity to an already thunderous bouquet, returning to a time of nostalgia-tinged adventure and freedom.

Cast in Resin
Olibanum Resin rounds this profoundly woody and fiery fragrance, adding a touch of provocative sensuality that smoothes the scent and makes an aroma an addiction.

Eau de Parfum


Le Pavillon d’Or is inspired by a very human quest for happiness and inner peace, it evokes the sheer joy of serene self-confidence and peace of mind.

Parfums Dusita won the FIFI Award Category “Niche Customer Choice” for Le Pavillon d’Or in November 2019 in Moscow! Le Pavillon d’Or was also chosen by Fragrantica’s Editors as the “Best Perfumes of 2019”.

Clive Christian
Eau de Parfum


Grey Amber & Sandalwood
25.0% Perfume Concentration

Originally created in 1925 and famously worn by Winston Churchill, Town & Country was a shining star of a new era of the Crown Perfumery Company. Today it is reimagined with the Clive Christian hallmarks of complexity, concentration and dedication to the finest ingredients – perfectly crafted for self expression. Crisp with refreshing notes from the most elegant of herbs resting on a deeper base. Capturing the natural beauty of the countryside and the elegance of London town.

Can’t stop loving You
Eau de Parfum


Inspired by Kilian Hennessy: Kilian Hennessy is a true declaration of love in Can’t stop loving You. This fragrance joins the olfactory family of Narcotic Flowers, with Orange Blossom as the centerpiece of the creation, a symbol of eternal love.

The perfume :Can’t stop loving You opens with Orange Blossom alongside Paradisone, an ethereal blend of jasmine that suggests pure paradise. At the heart of the fragrance, Miel de Provence absolute is entering the KILIAN Paris ingredient repertoire, giving it a delicious French-touch. Madagascar Vanilla Absolute adds a doubly indulgent incitement to pleasure, while Oak Moss notes bring earthy intensity. Frankincense extract from Somalia brings sensuality, volume and mystery.

Olfactory notes: Orange Blossom, Paradisone, Honey

Olfactory family: Narcotic Flowers

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas

Eau de Parfum


Woody | Spicy

A vertical totem of mineral woods and stellar sparks of spice, Purpose is a shamanic awakening, the scent of feeling at peace, of finding your roots, of being complete.


An ivory tower wreathed in shreds of clouds, dewy mists of fragile Pear, inviting Almond Milk and beads of Frankincense draw the outlines of a dreamful haven.
A princess whispers you in and leads the way to a lush garden where Osmanthus blossoms diffuse their heady apricot scent. A fountain gleams in the centre, its marble edge covered in scarlet roses whose voluptuous scent meets that of leathery Saffron threads laid on the floor.
Through Jasmine screens, sultry and spent, the woman walks and there comes with her a scent of dark Vanilla and skinlike Sandalwood, of ambery Labdanum and purring hints of regal Ambergris: who are you, she asks, and you feel seen.
A spellbinding and novel interpretation of the Amouage triad of Rose, Frankincense and Ambergris, Guidance reads like a poem, smells like an embrace, and feels like a word of wisdom.


Editions de Parfums
Frederic Malle
Eau de Parfum


Celestial romance.

The moon plays a leading role in conducting the rhythm of life in the Middle East, her ethereal appearance hailing the beginning and end of all festivity. Yet in Arabic, invoking the moon is also an allusion to romance — ‘my moon’; an adoringly grandiose term for one’s beloved that speaks of beauty and eternal devotion.

Exuding a warm, opulent quality, rose, oud and frankincense meet a surprising abundance of ripe red berries. In subtle evocation of the fruit-flavored shisha enjoyed across the region, the profusion of redcurrant and raspberry notes adds sweetness and color.A potent new moon.

Editions de Parfums
Frederic Malle
Eau de Parfum


Uncompromising, bold, filled with enigmatic charm.

Based on master perfumer Maurice Roucel’s personal cologne, Uncut Gem is an unapologetically manly scent, diamond-hard and absolutely fresh. Clear, spicy top notes of ginger, bergamot, mandarin, angelica root and nutmeg lead you to the sensual fire within: a leathery accord, vetiver, frankincense, generous amounts of amber, and a musk that vibrates with the skin. This is a scent that plays with the tired codes of masculinity while extracting their telluric force to create something beautiful and irresistible.

Maurice Roucel started his career as a chemist at Chanel’s Fragrance Laboratory in 1973. A self-taught perfumer who describes himself as “an explorer wandering amidst formulas”, his style is that of a sensuous aesthete and his signature is generous composition, in which he retains only what is essential.

Extrait de Parfum


Prized oud wood is the star of this creation of great contrasts. A blend of aromas that brings the exquisiteness of this wood to the fore; a material as valued for its scarcity as for its long evolution process. It takes more than 75 years before the best oud resin can be extracted.

A fragrant composition that carries us away to the wooden deck of Agneta, the sailing boat belonging to Gianni Agnelli who represents Eight & Bob’s values of elegance and lifestyle so well.

Lively, spicy opening notes with a hint of roasted coffee are shrouded in amber which adds an addictive, modern touch. A mysterious masterpiece that evokes feelings of nostalgia.

Agneta is an enigmatic and discreet yet spirited fragrance in which a sense of calm and an addictive, mysterious veil arouse the desire to be at one with the sea, body and soul.