La musique de CHRISTIE
Extrait de Parfum


Experience the Essence of Glyndebourne: A Musical Journey

A Fragrant Ode to Glyndebourne Experience the essence of Glyndebourne with “La Musique de Christie” by Eight & Bob. Inspired by the prestigious opera festival, this fragrance captures the elegance and passion of open-air opera under the starry summer nights.

Crafted with luxurious Greek saffron, leather, moss, nutmeg, musk, and patchouli, each note intertwines to create a harmonious symphony of scent. Joining the iconic extracts of Eight & Bob, “La Musique de Christie” pays tribute to the creator of Glyndebourne, offering a contemporary celebration of luxury and passion in every drop.

Indulge in the essence of Glyndebourne with “La Musique de Christie” and let the fragrance transport you to the enchanting world of opera under the moonlight.

Delve into the enchanting tale of “La Musique de Christie”, a fragrance that echoes the illustrious Glyndebourne Festival. This prestigious event, nestled in the heart of the English countryside was founded in 1934 by John Christie and his wife, Audrey Mildmay.

Renowned for its open-air performances set against the backdrop of a stately manor, Glyndebourne captivates audiences with its blend of world-class music, elegant gardens, and timeless sophistication. Inspired by this captivating atmosphere, “La Musique de Christie” harmonizes saffron, nutmeg, leather, and patchouli, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Glyndebourne’s storied history and unparalleled beauty

LE geste d’EDMOND
Extrait de Parfum


In the 16th century, vanilla captivated European high society, facing cultivation challenges. On Bourbon Island, a youthful apprentice named Edmond Albius defied norms, mastering vanilla cultivation at just 12 years old. His groundbreaking technique transformed Madagascar into the world’s premier vanilla producer.

Eight & Bob’s “Le Geste d’Edmond” is a heartfelt tribute, encapsulating Edmond Albius’s passion and creativity. As part of the Les Extraits Collection, this fragrance personifies discreet luxury, seamlessly transporting wearers to unforgettable moments.

“Le Geste d’Edmond” immortalizes Edmond Albius’s journey in perfumery, capturing his botanical brilliance. It stands as a testament to the impact one individual’s creativity can have on shaping the history of a coveted botanical treasure.

This fragrance is a celebration of Edmond Albius’s indomitable spirit and the rich heritage of vanilla cultivation, forever etched in perfumery history. With every spritz, wearers embark on a sensory journey, paying homage to the timeless legacy of a young visionary.

In the lush landscapes of Bourbon Island, near Madagascar, French landowner Ferreol Bellier dedicated two decades to cultivating vanilla. Welcoming a young assistant, Edmond Albius, despite humble beginnings, Ferreol recognized Edmond’s innate botanical talent.

One fateful morning in 1841, while Ferreol was surveying his fields, Edmond approached him with a remarkable discovery: a flourishing vanilla orchid. Edmond had unlocked the secret to vanilla cultivation, revolutionizing the industry with his ingenious technique.

Edmond generously shared his method with other island planters, leading to Madagascar’s ascent as the foremost producer of Bourbon Vanilla. Eight & Bob’s “Le Geste d’Edmond” is a heartfelt tribute, encapsulating Edmond Albius’s passion and creativity. As part of the Les Extraits Collection, this fragrance personifies discreet luxury, seamlessly transporting wearers to unforgettable moments.

Clive Christian
Eau de Parfum


Baies Rose, Musk & Fleuriste Fusion
25.0% Perfume Concentration

Immerse yourself in the embrace of a fragrance that delicately envelops the senses, akin to the tender caress of cashmere on bare skin. Enter a realm where musky notes intricately weave a warm, indelible hug, creating an experience that is both calming and comforting. E Cashmere Musk is not just a fragrance it’s a journey . Envision a tranquil haven, where each note weaves a narrative of delicate touches and enduring elegance. The symphony of Baies Rose, Sichuan Pepper, and Fresh Ginger in the top notes sets the stage for an odyssey of scent—an unforgettable olfactory adventure that transcends the boundaries of time. As you delve deeper, the heart of the fragrance reveals a Fleuriste Fusion, Egyptian Jasmin, and Cashmeran. Here, the scent becomes an intricate dance, much like the delicate petals of blooming flowers, creating an atmosphere of ethereal beauty. The base notes, including Guaiacwood, Ambroxan, and Musks, form a tapestry of lasting impressions. It lingers on the skin, leaving an undeniable presence that is both subtle and captivating—a fragrance that becomes a part of you.

Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum



Celebrating the radiance of citrus, Perseus
evokes an early morning at Marly,
when the sun’s first rays waken the château,
warm its gardens and make
its fountains sparkle.

Perseus is a luminous and refreshing creation, combined with a long-lasting sillage. The fragrance is characterized by a grapefruit citrus accord and a vetiver heart that come to life the moment they meet. The former immediately invigorates, its freshness electrifying the skin. At the same time the earthy facet of the vetiver is revealed, refined, comforting and sensual. Perseus’s trail is further enriched by ambergris and long-lasting dry woods.
Perseus evokes early morning at the royal residence of Marly, at the moment when the sun’s first rays waken the château, warm its gardens and make its fountains sparkle. A sun-kissed perfume, it celebrates the radiance of citrus.
A unique morning ritual for a day of endless sunshine.



This six-piece kit is designed to take your daily routine to the next level by providing an indulgent sensory experience that’s hard to beat.

Each product has been carefully crafted to provide deep nourishment and hydration for your skin, all while enveloping you in an exclusive aroma that oozes luxury and sophistication.

And the best part? Eight & Bob’s products are made with the highest quality standards and a commitment to preserving the environment.The set includes a shower gel, body lotion, aftershave balm, hand cream, lip balm, and a exclusive shampoo (only available in this exclusive set) – everything you need to pamper yourself and take care of your body.

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This Collection is inspired by the freshness of the exuberant notes of the orange blossom, pear and bergamot that bloom in the region of Calabria. The exquisite blend of Arabian jasmine, white musk and neroli will take you on a mysterious journey across crystal-clear waters reflecting a stunning sunset.

Lys Sølaberg
Eau de Parfum


The defining adventure: discovering lilies during a night hike on a fjord.
The surprising contrast: a smoky, pearlescent lily contrasts with a moist, amber note.

Fragrance family: amber woody floral eau de parfum.

Key raw materials: lily flower, quince, calamus essential oil, gaiac wood, ambroxan, oak moss absolute, cedar essential oil, torrefied oak chips absolute, tobacco absolute, cistus labdanum essential oil.

Eau de Parfum


Sandalwood nobility from India is the main note of this floral, sweet and soft Rosendo Mateu 6 fragrance. Opens with the delicateness and freshness of the sambac jasmin flower and ambar and vanilla notes bring persistence and sensuality on the skin. A combination that will surprise the most exquisite noses.

Eau de Parfum


Rosendo Mateu 5 is an exotic floral oriental fragrance, spicy, carnation and lily of the valley flower combination. Base notes are vanilla, sensual amber musk with a fresh oriental style.

It is an exotic and different flower that does not exist in nature, like a dream in a fragrance.

Eau de Parfum


Vanille Fatale evocira alter-ego vanilije – bogat, duboko zavodljiv miris.
Vanille Fatale predstavlja eklipsu tamnih šuma, kava koja izaziva ovisnost apsolut i prženi ječam. Luksuzni rezinoid vanilije osvaja jezgru mirisa poput očaravajuće sile.
Šafran i korijander otvaraju miris, infiltrirajući se u osjetila hvatajućim tamjanom smirne i olibanuma. Duhanski miris prženog ječma okružuje mješavinu absoluta pržene kave, narcisa i frangipanija. Vanilija se stapa s bogatim mahagonijem i antilopom za zavodljiv završetak.

Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water, Tocopherol ∑Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Benzylsalicylate, Hydroxycitronellal, Linalool∑ Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzylcinnamate, Citral, Evernia Prunastri(Oakmoss) Extract, Farnesol, Benzylalcohol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Isoeugenol, Eugenol, Pentaerythrityl Tetradi-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Bht, Benzoic Acid.

Gornje note su korijander i šafran; srednje note su frangipani, kava, ječam i narcis; bazne note su antilop, madagaskarska vanilija, mahagonij i duhan.
Drvenasto amber

Eau de Parfum


Rosendo Mateu 4 is an oud fantasy combination of nutmeg, nuts, saffron, cinnamon and hints of wood, sandalwood and guaiac.
The eastern intensity is provided by labdanum, benzoin and vanilla with amber notes.
It’s a sensual, powerful perfume, with a scent which is unmistakably inspired by oud.

Eau de Parfum


The heart is indeed a powerful symbol of life and love. The heart has been associated with love, passion, emotion and romance for centuries, with Cupid’s arrow piercing the heart being a well-known image in art and literature. The heart is the source of our deepest emotions and desires, or that it is the place where our truest self resides. me du Cur love, the soul of the heart. Precious as a ruby, explosive as a bomb and bold as spice.

Alcohol denat., Aqua [Water], Parfum [Fragrance], Limonene, Ethylhexyl salicylate, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, Tris(tetramethylhydroxypiperidinol) citrate, Benzyl alcohol, Citral, Linalool, Coumarin, Citronellol, Geraniol

Eau de Parfum


Rosendo Mateu 3 stands out for its elegance, sensuality and its intense feminine note when dressing the female skin. Yet, also marking an attractive male accent which is comfortable and elegant for a man to wear: a unisex perfume that is close to perfection.

Italian iris fragrance, with its top note of fresh citrus from Calabrian bergamot and neroli essential oil from Tunisia, is a noble and elegant scent worked with natural iris for its strong element of sophistication and value.

Sandalwood, vetiver, and the lingering tasty aspect of amber cashmere with tonka beans and vanilla give that touch of elegance and sensuality that will seduce the most demanding public.