Symbolising wealth, healing and friendship white flowers,
the happiest of blossoms, congregate at the top including bright freesia
and creamy magnolia, before moving toward the centre of honeyed apples
and almonds. (4%)

Scents for babies and children have long been popular amongst customers who understand the primal bond between fragrances and memory. Perfume is essentially a gesture of refinement it makes the world more beautiful and our most intense scent memories are created very early in life often the first of our senses to develop.

Thameen launched the BABY COLLECTION with three fragrances created specifically for babies and children. Designed to create a whole reservoir of memories for both parents and infants, the scents are hypoallergenic and are gentle on the skin, using the lightest of notes including comforting vanilla, calming jasmine and roses.
Scientifically proven to promote sweet dreams, spray directly onto the skin or into the hair after bath time.


Thameen, meaning precious, has been inspired by the world s most enchanting jewels. Jewellery and fragrance have long enjoyed a close
relationship as they both evoke a precious memory. Born out of a love for rare fragrance oils , Thameen ensures that each key ingredient has been specifically sourced for its exquisite quality.

Those in the know, know Thameen.

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