Sunkissed Goddess
Eau de Parfum


“It’s the scent of summer, the scent of happiness”

-Kilian Hennessy-

Kilian Hennessy’s Inspiration: KILIAN PARIS introduces the new summer limited-edition fragrance inspired by Monoi Oil: Sunkissed Goddess. Our founder reinterpreted this traditional Polynesian elixir with a luxurious halo of warm sunlight and fresh narcotic florals to heighten his multi-sensorial memories of summer. Sunkissed Goddess is an invitation to live summer’s scent and sensations all year long- summer in scent, oil on body, sun kissing skin.

The Perfume: The fragrance opens with its main, opulent accord of creamy white Tiare Flowers and sensual Ylang-Ylang essence. It leads into the accord’s heart, a full and warm body of Coconut and Vanilla, finishing with notes of Guaiac Wood and Cistus Labdanum – both olfactive signatures of KILIAN PARIS for their resinous, deeply vibrant, and long-lasting appeal.

Perfume notes: Ylang-Ylang essence, Tiare Flower, Coconut.

Olfative Family: The Narcotics.

Perfumer: Calice Becker

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