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Queening is a celebration of achieving one’s goals, symbolizing a journey through challenges, and overcoming obstacles to emerge stronger and renewed. This exquisite perfume fragrance combines the royal scent of Orris with the sweetness of vanilla cologne, creating an uplifting opening, followed by aged rum and saffron. Dedicated to daily successes, major accomplishments, and the rewards they bring, this captivating scent empowers all current and aspiring Queens.

Tubéreuse Astrale
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Twinkling night, fruity star.
Telescope: cinnamon constellation,
powdery comet. A milky, astral tuberose.
Vanilla silhouette, peachy-soft skin,
meteor shadow, leather nebula.

A musky galaxy.
The defining adventure: breathing in the scent of tuberoses while gazing up at the Milky Way and shooting stars. The surprising contrast: a sparkling tuberose contrasting with a velvety leather accord. Fragrance family: floral leather perfume extract (vegan). 32% concentration.
Key raw materials: cinnamon bark essential oil ORPUR, tuberose absolute ORPUR, osmanthus absolute ORPUR, carrot seeds essential oil, patchouli essential oil ORPUR, cistus absolute ORPUR, leather accord, musks.

The ORPUR label brings together the finest natural perfume ingredients from the Givaudan perfume house.

La musique de CHRISTIE
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Experience the Essence of Glyndebourne: A Musical Journey

A Fragrant Ode to Glyndebourne Experience the essence of Glyndebourne with “La Musique de Christie” by Eight & Bob. Inspired by the prestigious opera festival, this fragrance captures the elegance and passion of open-air opera under the starry summer nights.

Crafted with luxurious Greek saffron, leather, moss, nutmeg, musk, and patchouli, each note intertwines to create a harmonious symphony of scent. Joining the iconic extracts of Eight & Bob, “La Musique de Christie” pays tribute to the creator of Glyndebourne, offering a contemporary celebration of luxury and passion in every drop.

Indulge in the essence of Glyndebourne with “La Musique de Christie” and let the fragrance transport you to the enchanting world of opera under the moonlight.

Delve into the enchanting tale of “La Musique de Christie”, a fragrance that echoes the illustrious Glyndebourne Festival. This prestigious event, nestled in the heart of the English countryside was founded in 1934 by John Christie and his wife, Audrey Mildmay.

Renowned for its open-air performances set against the backdrop of a stately manor, Glyndebourne captivates audiences with its blend of world-class music, elegant gardens, and timeless sophistication. Inspired by this captivating atmosphere, “La Musique de Christie” harmonizes saffron, nutmeg, leather, and patchouli, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Glyndebourne’s storied history and unparalleled beauty

LE geste d’EDMOND
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In the 16th century, vanilla captivated European high society, facing cultivation challenges. On Bourbon Island, a youthful apprentice named Edmond Albius defied norms, mastering vanilla cultivation at just 12 years old. His groundbreaking technique transformed Madagascar into the world’s premier vanilla producer.

Eight & Bob’s “Le Geste d’Edmond” is a heartfelt tribute, encapsulating Edmond Albius’s passion and creativity. As part of the Les Extraits Collection, this fragrance personifies discreet luxury, seamlessly transporting wearers to unforgettable moments.

“Le Geste d’Edmond” immortalizes Edmond Albius’s journey in perfumery, capturing his botanical brilliance. It stands as a testament to the impact one individual’s creativity can have on shaping the history of a coveted botanical treasure.

This fragrance is a celebration of Edmond Albius’s indomitable spirit and the rich heritage of vanilla cultivation, forever etched in perfumery history. With every spritz, wearers embark on a sensory journey, paying homage to the timeless legacy of a young visionary.

In the lush landscapes of Bourbon Island, near Madagascar, French landowner Ferreol Bellier dedicated two decades to cultivating vanilla. Welcoming a young assistant, Edmond Albius, despite humble beginnings, Ferreol recognized Edmond’s innate botanical talent.

One fateful morning in 1841, while Ferreol was surveying his fields, Edmond approached him with a remarkable discovery: a flourishing vanilla orchid. Edmond had unlocked the secret to vanilla cultivation, revolutionizing the industry with his ingenious technique.

Edmond generously shared his method with other island planters, leading to Madagascar’s ascent as the foremost producer of Bourbon Vanilla. Eight & Bob’s “Le Geste d’Edmond” is a heartfelt tribute, encapsulating Edmond Albius’s passion and creativity. As part of the Les Extraits Collection, this fragrance personifies discreet luxury, seamlessly transporting wearers to unforgettable moments.

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A true “Power Scent” which harks back to the heady days when perfumes could be made with real and powerful ingredients and not guided by budgets and constraints, a new signature scent in the world of haute perfumery.

Embracing clean, spicy junipers, smoky cedarwood and notes of fresh Secret Florals that are exclusive to Fragrance Du Bois.. With a potent pop of the sweetest patchouli and the essence of comforting orris root forming the base, this is a scent for those who like to indulge in the best of everything.

PM was developed by our master in the world of modern perfumery Shadi Samra for legendary music and film producer Michael Blakey

Oud Maracujá
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The experience: a passion fruit tasting in remote oud wood forests.

The surprising contrast: the richness of oud wood, contrasted by exotic and luminous passion fruit notes.

Fragrance family: exotic, woody and fruity (vegan).

Key raw materials: passion fruit accord, saffron, rose absolute from Turkey ORPUR, oud accord, benzoin from Laos ORPUR, cistus absolute from Spain ORPUR, leather accord, patchouli oil from Indonesia ORPUR, vanilla, akigalawood.

The ORPUR label brings together the finest natural perfume ingredients from the Givaudan perfume house.

Pure Parfum


By Julien Rasquinet

Aquila Absolute is a bright and wearable scent with universal appeal. This perfume created for men and women, is uplifting and empowering, shining bright through all seasons and occasions.

The vibrant fresh and fruity top notes of raspberry and cardamom dazzle like a bolt of lightning before revealing an irresistibly fierce floral heart of the finest LMR natural oils. The heart of Turkish Rose Absolute blends spicy honey like rose accords with spicy Egyptian geranium and the herbaceous, leathery Violet Leaf LMR. The heart unfolds into a warm, luxurious, sensuous, woody amber base: a complex of white oud, patchouli and labdanum.

Pure parfum


By Julien Rasquinet

Inspired by the famed Gladiators of Ancient Rome, courageous warriors who dominated and entertained in the Colosseum, Gladiator Oud opens with a powerful and thrilling accord of salty, elemental ambergris. Cardamom combines with the cool of Egyptian geranium for an impression of steel and strength. Hay absolute, Haitian vetiver and cumin seed capture the sun warmed earth of the gladiatorial arena. Oud oil and cedarwood bring nobility and elegance to the battle, with the gold and glory of victory elicited through accords of intense saffron and honey.

This fragrance exudes luxury and elegance.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian
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724 is now offered in precious elixir concentrated size, housed in a new jewel-like set. Its glass ball rolls over the skin to delicately place in the hollow of the neck, the wrist and the décolleté, its precious drops of elixir.

musky floral

Aldehydes, Bergamot oil from Italy
White floral accord, Jasmine from Egypt
Sandalwood accord, White musks

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Powerful yet not overpowering, UNUE possesses all the attributes of an afterglow, a floral-woody expression in sandalwood and musks that ensure a sensual presence! Notes of Italian bergamot, Egyptian jasmine and ylang-ylang immediately set the tone and show their colors! Radiant and as graceful as a white flower, the top note conjures a floral-white that seems traversed by a ray of light. At its heart lies a fruity accord. A restrained touch of plum and pineapple blend with a duo of Pink Berries and Anise. To underscore the almost carnal, woody density of its dry-down, the perfumer weaves a backdrop of musks and comforting, silky and milky sandalwood that becomes one with the skin. A trail that makes itself known with finesse and elegance.

Pure Parfum


By Christian Provenzano


“Pomona Vitalis opens with fruity facets of lychee, strawberry
and apple balanced with a sparkle of bergamot. The lychee
complements the rose heart, enhancing the sense of dewy,
fresh, petals.

The heart revolves around a multi-faceted rose with both
Bulgarian rose oil with radiant metallic, green geranium shades
and fruity wine top notes, and the Rose Absolute brings a
distinctive rich and voluptuous sweetness with spicy green
honey and tobacco undertones. With a whisper of lavender.

The base is warm and enveloping with balmy vanilla and
benzoin facets, creamy shares of sandalwood and styrax which
enriches the resinous character and depth adding a leathery
tone “

Christian Provenzano


Our muse was Pomona, a captivating beauty
and the goddess of gardens, fruit and orchards. She
spent her days tending to the blossoms and fruit in the
orchard, pruning the roses in the gardens and tending
to nature. She represented abundance, plenty and
rosy fresh faced beauty to the Ancient Romans.

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PARAGON, goes beyond the skin all the way to the soul and leads you to another dimension : plenitude.

PARAGON houses the botanical soul of Palo Santo and white Sage. It draws in the beneficial properties of these sacred plants, whose use has been secretly passed down through initiation ceremonies dating back to the first lines of Inca shamans.

PARAGON is a vibrant and faceted scent. Pairing the soothing influence of Bergamot and Lavender with the force of Pepper, stimulating the mind and opening the heart.

Ambre Chromatique
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The experience : a trek through multicolored jungles in search of benzoin resin.
The surprising contrast: vivid, resinous facets contrast with a warm amber accord.
Fragrance family : amber, spicy and woody perfume extract (vegan).
Key raw materials: ORPUR incense essential oil, CO2 extract of pink peppercorn, davana essential oil, ORPUR osmanthus absolute, ORPUR benzoin absolute, Bourbon vanilla absolute, Akigala wood.The ORPUR label brings together the finest natural perfume ingredients from the Givaudan perfume house.

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Guéthary is the name of the charming, romantic French village that inspired this fragrance. A place of relaxation, savoir-vivre and exclusivity. A place infused with salty and floral aromas and long since a place of rest for the Parisian elite.

An ode to the ambergris washed up on Atlantic coastlines, which highlights the mysterious addiction of this compellingly creamy fragrance infused with the seductive tones of marigold and dusted with pear blossom.

A work of passion inspired by a lifestyle, with an aroma that brings a sense of peace and tranquillity. An exaltation of ambergris, powerful to the core and yet elegant with musky and woody tones.

This fragrance reveals a unique personality that plays upon the contrast between freshness and intensity.

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Prized oud wood is the star of this creation of great contrasts. A blend of aromas that brings the exquisiteness of this wood to the fore; a material as valued for its scarcity as for its long evolution process. It takes more than 75 years before the best oud resin can be extracted.

A fragrant composition that carries us away to the wooden deck of Agneta, the sailing boat belonging to Gianni Agnelli who represents Eight & Bob’s values of elegance and lifestyle so well.

Lively, spicy opening notes with a hint of roasted coffee are shrouded in amber which adds an addictive, modern touch. A mysterious masterpiece that evokes feelings of nostalgia.

Agneta is an enigmatic and discreet yet spirited fragrance in which a sense of calm and an addictive, mysterious veil arouse the desire to be at one with the sea, body and soul.