Collection d’Ailleurs
Ombre Fumée
Eau de Parfum

1.194,00 Kn
102,20 EUR

Ombre Fumée is an ode to vetiver. This raw material is Reunion’s wealth. Vetiver will be wrapped with dark mysterious but sensual notes as well as green and fresh notes to characterize the diversity of Reunion’s flora.
Invigorating citrus notes from orange and lemon open up this fragrance. This freshness facet is followed by the softer touch of cypress. Then follows the soft and powdery note of iris betrothed to hot black pepper. The vetiver then becomes obscure. The gloomy tonka bean is mastered by the ambergris and deer chord sensuality.


Collection d’Ailleurs
Noir d’Orient
Eau de Parfum

1.194,00 Kn
102,20 EUR

NOIR D’ORIENT was constructed around India’s olfactory richness.
Opening up, the incense brings out its serenity.
The heart reveals a rain of hot, sensual and intense spices as cloves and cinnamon…
The soul is both beastly and tender with the mixt of notes of wood, brown rum and patchouli.
Heady oriental wake.



Collection d’Ailleurs
D’âme de Pique
Eau de Parfum

1.194,00 Kn
102,20 EUR

D’ÂME DE PIQUE is an ode to roses from “Rose Valley”. We have explored all different facets of the Queen of flowers.
D’âme de Pique opens up with a green and sparkling note brought by black current leaves and a dash of pear. In the heart the rose is honored. The essences are magnified by a syrupy raspberry.
At the end, the voluptuousness of sandal wood and vanilla which contrasts with the sundried patchouli beautify the sensual Queen.


Collection d’Ailleurs
Blanc de Sienne
Eau de Parfum

1.194,00 Kn
102,20 EUR

BLANC DE SIENNE is a luminous fragrance, as luminous as Italy.
Sparkling and invigorating notes open up this olfactive ballet thanks to the essential duo lemon – bergamot combined with basil.
In the heart, Tuscany is honored through its sensual milky figs, the green notes of cypress, the sweetness of orange blossom and above all the powdered sophistication of the iris.
The backward note is warmer with its wooden notes associated to resins and coated with coffee grounds.

Eau de Parfum

1.386,00 Kn
61,32 EUR

Every spring, Albert Fouquet went from Antibes on the French Rivera to the home of Alessandro and Chiara to share with them the splendid spectacle of colours and the wonderful aromas. Some months later, when Alessandro and Chiara were already settled in the Philippines, they were surprised by the best present that they could receive from their good friend.

An unique perfume that contained the freshness and the beauty of Provence.


Ormonde Jayne
Eau de Parfum

1.502,00 Kn
138,03 EUR

Related to the magnolia and deemed sacred in the Indus Valley, Champaca flower absolute is a heavenly, creamy floral scent – both elegant and intimate. Blended with neroli and bamboo and underscored with fragrant rice and green tea notes, this is a distinguished perfume of rare beauty.


Tiziana Terenzi
Eau de Parfum

2.002,00 Kn
265,71 EUR

Bright and sparkling, Tiziana Terenzi’s Cassiopea takes its wearer on an imaginative journey to exotic places and hot summer nights counting shooting stars. Sweet and light, its as timeless as the constellation that lends the fragrance its name.

Black Phantom – “Memento Mori”
Eau de Parfum

2.156,00 Kn
286,15 EUR

Inspiration: On turbulent seas, an inescapably transient pirate ship braves black waters, leagues deep in mystery. Black Phantom “Memento Mori” reveals its hidden treasures to the curious nose in waves.

Fragrance story: Rum accord from Martinique, akin to ‘pirates water’, spikes the scent of strong coffee at its heart, balanced by vetiver essence. A deadly bite of cyanide accord hides menacingly, like the smile from death itself. Smile back as sugar cane and dark, creamy sandalwood assures a trying journey holds a sweet reward.

Key notes: rum accord, coffee, vetiver essence, cyanide, sugar cane, sandalwood

Sidonie Lancesseur


Perfume Extrait

2.272,00 Kn
178,91 EUR

Deep beauty is best experienced in the dark. Envision. Smell. Feel. Don’t analyse. Todays trends to know everything and to show everything, mute our magic feelings of intuitive beauty. Puredistance Black treasures the beauty of the unknown … As a consequence of the concept of BLACK (that treasures the beauty of the unknown) we will not reveal the ingredients of Puredistance BLACK.