Annick Goutal
Eau de Parfum

1.140,00 Kn

Rose Pompon is a garden rose with a thousand petals. It contains in its heart a sweet and airy scent, too fragile for a perfumed essence to be extracted. Rose Pompon recreates its illusion thanks to a precise blend of two origins of Damascena rose: Bulgarian rose, with a fresh and delicately fruity floral scent, and Taif rose, more sensual with its honeyed facets. Underlined with a hint of raspberry, to perfect the magic, this duo of roses reproduces as precisely as possible the unique and romantic scent of a pompom rose.

Annick Goutal
Eau de Toilette

955,00 Kn

As you stroll down Rue des Rosiers in Paris, you can feel the vibrant, sparkling atmosphere along the cobblestone street, punctuated with the laughter from café terraces and snippets of shopkeepers’ conversations. In the spring, the climbing rose bushes flower in clusters. The wind stirs their pompom blossoms and swirls their refreshing scent with the sweet, tangy smell of pastries.

Eau de Parfum

3.812,00 Kn

Floral Fruity
25% Perfume Concentration. This perfume is a sophisticated fruity floral suffused with with silky red Rose and Chamomile. A top note of sweet Raspberry and Heliotrope unfurls to reveal a resinous heart of Labdanum, finishing in a bold base of Frankincense and warm musk.
This perfume has garden like notes forming a delicate bouquet of Rose, Geranium, Chamomile, Osmanthus and Pear. Juicy fruity perfumes like this bring colour and warmth to still cold spring days, adding delicious energy and warmth in an explosion on the palette after the dull months of grey skies.
A Top Note of sweet Raspberry creates a sophisticated red berry accord. Raspberry is actually a sub species of the Rose family.
The main ingredient in the Heart Note has given this perfume its name – Heliotrope. A flowering garden plant prized in Victorian gardens. Heliotrope derives its name from Helios which means “sun” in Greek. This plant turns itself towards the sun to grow.
Olibanum, also known as frankincense is a rich resin, which is found in the Base Note. Its name translates from the Old French expression “franc encens” meaning “noble incense”.

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Histoires de Parfums
Eau de Parfum

1.117,00 Kn

VICI plunges into the heart of a real battle of the senses. After a first attack where powerful essences of Cardamom, Angelic root and Galbanum alternately prove themselves, a truce of Incense liberates Iris’ wonderful glow. Then the complexity of pure Osmathus interrupts this truce, and a second assault led by the fortified aromas of Musk and Patchouli leave us defenseless. Fortunately, however, the delicate scents of Vanilla and Raspberry come together on a soft bed of Cedar for a welcome pause.
The fiery spices together with Osmanthus and Cedar joined forces summon courage and bravery: this is the fragrance of warriors.