Christian Provenzano
Ultimate Rose
Eau de Parfum

1.619,92 kn

Ultimate Rose is not a true single flower but a unique and complex scent using the finest rose essences combined with beautiful notes of eastern neroli and orange flower to impart an oriental touch. Lingering in the background; a woody, amber accord to give it sensuality and mystery so that you can ultimately fall in love with this unique combination.


Christian Provenzano is a world-renowned Master Perfumer with over fifty years of experience in the Fragrance Industry whose creations have inspired the success of fine fragrance brands throughout the world. This passion for fragrances and expertise comes from an encyclopedic knowledge of the ingredients used in fragrances and the ability to combine them in just the right combinations to produce an innovative and memorable experience.

Provenzano’s fragrances have an unmistakable quality to them born from an attention to detail in selecting only the finest ingredients available. His talents have inspired the success of highly acclaimed creations used in award-winning designer fragrances for a variety of companies producing prestige brands.

Today Provenzano has one of the world’s preeminent noses with an impressive knack for knowing what the next trend will be and being ahead of the curve, leading him to create his own range, CP Parfums.

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