Born to be Unforgettable
Eau de Parfum


Inspiration from Kilian Hennessy: KILIAN PARIS presents Born to be Unforgettable, an explosion of freshness that recreates the sensation of a sip of sparkling cola. This colorful perfume transforms the timeless scents of cola into new sensations. A scented creation that exudes unforgettable freshness with a confidence that promises to be memorable.

The scent: The scent opens with a bang with the tonicity of a lime whose freshness gradually gives way to a classic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla recreating the sensation of cola. The fragrance then exudes the round and generous aromas of cedar whose notes linger on the skin.

Fragrance notes: Cola Accord, Cinnamon, Cedarwood.

Olfactory family: Fresh Citrus.

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas.

Born to be Unforgettable is the new fragrance that joins the Les Citrus Frais olfactory family.

Great attention is placed in each KILIAN PARIS refillable perfume bottle, to make them truly precious objects. The Born to be Unforgettable perfume bottles are inspired by the Art Deco style which is adorned with a glossy black enhanced with gold and shiny red graphics.

These details brought to the creation of KILIAN PARIS refillable bottles guarantee a luxury which should not be ephemeral but last a lifetime. This is why the bottle of this smoky perfume is infinitely refillable.

La musique de CHRISTIE
Extrait de Parfum


Experience the Essence of Glyndebourne: A Musical Journey

A Fragrant Ode to Glyndebourne Experience the essence of Glyndebourne with “La Musique de Christie” by Eight & Bob. Inspired by the prestigious opera festival, this fragrance captures the elegance and passion of open-air opera under the starry summer nights.

Crafted with luxurious Greek saffron, leather, moss, nutmeg, musk, and patchouli, each note intertwines to create a harmonious symphony of scent. Joining the iconic extracts of Eight & Bob, “La Musique de Christie” pays tribute to the creator of Glyndebourne, offering a contemporary celebration of luxury and passion in every drop.

Indulge in the essence of Glyndebourne with “La Musique de Christie” and let the fragrance transport you to the enchanting world of opera under the moonlight.

Delve into the enchanting tale of “La Musique de Christie”, a fragrance that echoes the illustrious Glyndebourne Festival. This prestigious event, nestled in the heart of the English countryside was founded in 1934 by John Christie and his wife, Audrey Mildmay.

Renowned for its open-air performances set against the backdrop of a stately manor, Glyndebourne captivates audiences with its blend of world-class music, elegant gardens, and timeless sophistication. Inspired by this captivating atmosphere, “La Musique de Christie” harmonizes saffron, nutmeg, leather, and patchouli, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Glyndebourne’s storied history and unparalleled beauty

Eau de Parfum


Rosendo Mateu 4 is an oud fantasy combination of nutmeg, nuts, saffron, cinnamon and hints of wood, sandalwood and guaiac.
The eastern intensity is provided by labdanum, benzoin and vanilla with amber notes.
It’s a sensual, powerful perfume, with a scent which is unmistakably inspired by oud.

Eau de Parfum


“Spices were an integral part of my father’s life; he enjoyed them in food, as well as in fragrances. To him, they represented the voyages he made, and the ones he dreamt of; all the people he met around the globe, and the ones he hoped to meet…” Pissara Umavijani

Eau de Parfum


The nocturnal fragrance of mystery that plays with the duality between light and shadows while painting a wonderful scene of a night in the city bathed by moonlight and fly flies.

Moonlight in Chiangmai has been selected: Fragrantica Editors’ Favorite Perfumes of 2020 for the category: “Great Launches 2020”.

Paradis des Sens
Eau de Parfum


Cloud nine yon sanguine, like a child’s imagination as he tries to interpret clouds in the sky.
Cloud nine elevates you to new realities, evokes your wildest dreams to surface with the optimism of a child who still believes. A voluminous fragrance with contrasting garlands, lavender & cypriol gilded with saffron; enlivened with incense & oud wood, lingering in the air like a twine of mystery seeping through the doors of heaven.

Editions de Parfums
Frederic Malle
Eau de Parfum


Uncompromising, bold, filled with enigmatic charm.

Based on master perfumer Maurice Roucel’s personal cologne, Uncut Gem is an unapologetically manly scent, diamond-hard and absolutely fresh. Clear, spicy top notes of ginger, bergamot, mandarin, angelica root and nutmeg lead you to the sensual fire within: a leathery accord, vetiver, frankincense, generous amounts of amber, and a musk that vibrates with the skin. This is a scent that plays with the tired codes of masculinity while extracting their telluric force to create something beautiful and irresistible.

Maurice Roucel started his career as a chemist at Chanel’s Fragrance Laboratory in 1973. A self-taught perfumer who describes himself as “an explorer wandering amidst formulas”, his style is that of a sensuous aesthete and his signature is generous composition, in which he retains only what is essential.

Extrait de Parfum


Prized oud wood is the star of this creation of great contrasts. A blend of aromas that brings the exquisiteness of this wood to the fore; a material as valued for its scarcity as for its long evolution process. It takes more than 75 years before the best oud resin can be extracted.

A fragrant composition that carries us away to the wooden deck of Agneta, the sailing boat belonging to Gianni Agnelli who represents Eight & Bob’s values of elegance and lifestyle so well.

Lively, spicy opening notes with a hint of roasted coffee are shrouded in amber which adds an addictive, modern touch. A mysterious masterpiece that evokes feelings of nostalgia.

Agneta is an enigmatic and discreet yet spirited fragrance in which a sense of calm and an addictive, mysterious veil arouse the desire to be at one with the sea, body and soul.

Extrait de Parfum


Created for the Mughal Emperors of India in the early 17th century, the Peacock Throne was one of the most opulent treasures in history.

Top Notes: Sicilian lemon oil, pink pepper, nutmeg
Heart Notes: Taif rose, ylang, Turkish rose, jasmin
Base Notes: Haitian vetivert, patchouli heart, sandalwood, vanilla

Extrait de Parfum


A scent for all seasons, Solstis charts the celestial energy of the longest and shortest days, closing chapters and heralding new beginnings.

Crisp apple and citrus notes evoke sultry summers, while spicy pink pepper adds a rosy, romantic nuance. Meanwhile, earthy spices and zesty white florals intertwine, submitting to autumnal nutmeg, neroli and cardamom. The primal dance endures as Japanese vetiver mimics the intense aroma of fertile woods after rainfall. Milky green notes of sensual sandalwood and a dash of vanilla linger as the depths of winter loom.



Inspired by London’s iconic streets and style, this intensely invigorating fragrance exudes sartorial elegance aplenty. Its origins pay homage to London Oud with a fresher, more contemporary vista. Eminently easy and as fluid as London life, transitioning from dawn to dusk with unblemished performance. Spearmint, Marine notes, and lemon lend a masculine edge softened by the subtle floral tones of quintessentially English lavender. A refined genteel base of aromatic cedarwood and warming spices complete this pen portrait of pure charisma.

Eau de Parfum


Overture Man is an instantly arresting woody scent inspired by man’s solitude in the world; dramatic, bold and confident. Created by renowned perfumer Karine Vinchon, Overture Man is an operatic portrayal of a gentleman’s mystique encapsulated in potent notes of Myrrh, Sandalwood and smoky Frankincense

The Fragrance opens to bold notes that are starkly contrasted by the citrusy, spicy and aromatic freshness of Grapefruit, Saffron, Cardamom, Cumin and Ginger. As it evolves, it reveals a softer heart of resinous floral notes crowned by Myrrh and Geranium, giving this creation a sophisticated edge, but as it matures, Overture Man unveils a truly timeless essence of smoky woodiness from Frankincense that engulfs its wearer in mystery.