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Sisley Paris
Eau de Parfum

2.011,71 kn

Through her series One Day Painting, Ymane Chabi-Gara creates a dialogue between fragments of realistic images through different techniques and textures. Lines and colors, structures and movements respond to each other and create unexpected contrasts.

“The work fits perfectly with the impressions evoked by the fragrance. The vegetal scrolls and the rich, warm shade of yellow, in contrast with the soft blue, extend the olfactory experience to a strong visual one.” Ymane Chabi-Garaw
A mastery that is reflected in the olfactory combination of Sisley’s iconic Eau du Soir fragrance, in which the freshness of citrus fruits is combined with the sensuality of flowers, all of which is highlighted with an elegant chypre signature.

Dressed with One Day Painting 2, Eau du Soir takes on a modern look with a strong style and character.

Clive Christian
20 anniversary collection
Iconic masculine
Perfume spray

3.390,53 kn

Celebrating every element that makes Clive Christian Perfume truly ICONIC
A celebration of unparalleled creativity, craftsmanship, and the rich heritage of an iconic independent
British perfume house, Clive Christian Perfume. In 2019, to mark 20 years of the perfume house and pay
tribute to its origins from the Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, Clive Christian Perfume
created these limited edition iconic scents.
Two perfumes were crafted to embody all the pride, passion, and creativity poured into every
Clive Christian Perfume, presenting the perfect opportunity to showcase the elements that make
a Clive Christian perfume truly iconic.
In 2023 meet again the modern classics – Iconic Masculine and Iconic Feminine, adorned with
platinum-colored caps. The unique abstract design on the bottles’ side, inspired by the decorative cages
found on the Crown Perfumery Company perfumes in 1872, adds a touch of elegance. These bright,
jewel-like colored bottles shine exclusively during the Christmas period.
Immortalised in 1886
Reimagined for a New Era

A riot of petitgrain, twisted with sweet mandarin, is lifted to fresh heights
with brilliant pink pepper. A juicy squeze of yuzu with aromatic rosemary
delves into smooth cedar to create the masculine perfume of an iconic pair.
The perfect example of a Woody Citrus, both energetic and mysteriously
deep with an unparalleled longevity on the skin of over 8 hours, travelling
from bright citrus notes to smoky vetiver.
Concentration: 20%
Complexity: 195 Ingredients
From citrus zest to smoky allure, it encapsulates a mood of
vibrant mystique
Yuzu, a green, grapefruit-like note originated in China, this ingredient
is also used prolifically in cuisine in Japan and Korea
HEART: Taking petitgrain from the
tree rather than bitter orange
to add variety, a sweeter take on the tradition
Haitian vetiver
, the highest quality crafted, harvested for its smoky,
earthy, woody fixative scent

Clive Christian Perfume is a leading independent British perfume house with a vision to create the world’s
finest perfumes. The brand’s predecessor, the Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, is the only
house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its bottles. An image that
defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day.
Immortalised in 1886
Reimagined for a New Era

Eau de Parfum

3.428,20 kn

The union of the real and the unreal, the clashing of the impossible and the mundane – the surrealistic manifest that life is never truly what it seems to be. The meeting of fire and nightshade, of juicy Mandarin, grandiose Amber and somber Oud, King Blue is an oneiric wood supreme.

Eau de Parfum

1.318,54 kn

Opening with sparkling notes of lime and mandarin tempered with pink pepper and a green accord, delicate cherry blossom with soft almond aromas enhanced with powdery violets and creamy vanilla. Elusive elegance, realising the power of subtlety, radiating an inner confidence – to be worn with an innate love of understated good taste.

Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum

1.845,95 kn

A radiant aura and yet, an impalpable softness.
The sensuality and elegance of white flowers and musk.

A radiant aura and yet, an impalpable softness. This elegant floral-musky-woody fragrance created by Julien Sprecher is a unique play on codes, materials and subtle contrasts. An evocation of the skin caressed by a veil of cotton. Fresh top notes as bergamot, mandarin and sweet white peach, lead to a blend of white flowers, settling on musk and ambrofix sensual base notes.

Eau de Parfum

2.599,40 kn

Citrus | Woody

A tale of trying and reaching, of life overcoming shade, Search captures the virile energy of resilient minds unafraid to fight their inner darkness to become their ideal self.


It is at first a flash of Lemon, insanely vibrant and bright, striking like lightning in the middle of the night. Fluttering notes of Lime, lively and shrill, soon come forth, welded into the metallic zing of Mandarin, its leathery zest and bittersweetness.
Shackled in a cage of dark woods, the Citrus fight with a newfound strength, their light shining brighter as delicate notes of Elemi and a heavenly touch of Hojari Frankincense burst open.
Even as the smoke rises and crashes in waves of burnt Cade, spicy Guaiacwood and incandescent Vetiver, the Citrus bouquet carries its brilliance proud, undefeated, and undimmed.
A tale of trying and reaching, of life overcoming shade, Search captures the virile energy of resilient minds unafraid to fight their inner darkness to become their ideal self.

Perfumer: Alexis Grugeon

Scented candle

715,78 kn

Ormonde Jayne presents our exclusive Etoile scented candle for Christmas. Fragranced with warm, festive notes of mandarin, cardamom, cinnamon, bay, amber and tonka, this candle creates the perfect Christmas scent.

Spicy Amberesque-mandarin, cardamom