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Enjoy the spice of life with this exquisite fragrance inspired by the natural landscape of Zanzibar. The Onno fragrance Zanzibar offers a luxurious lyration,scented blend of green herbs and woody spices. The scent of Zanzibar is rich and complex, with deep wood notes under fresh and fragrant herbal tones.

3 basic rules for burning ONNO candles:
1. Always burn the candle until the surface is fully liquid. The first time of burning this can take 3-4 hours. The next times it
will be faster.
 if you don’t do this, you will form craters and the next time you light the candle, the wicks will drown and you won’t be
able to use the candle anymore.
2. Don’t let the candle burn longer than 6-7 hours to have optimal burning result.
 If you let the candle burn for longer, the liquid wax will become too deep. The volume of liquid wax is larger than solid
wax end so level of the wax rises with the burning of the candl e. If the liquid wax comes too high, the wicks will drown.
Also the wicks will loose their stability if the liquid wax is too deep. Then they can fall on the glass and cause the candle
to break. It is therefore important to check the position of the wicks and correct them if necessary. Do this 15 minutes after
the candle is extinguished, when the wax is half solid.
3. Always leave 1-2cm of wax in the candle. Don’t burn the candle until the bottom to avoid the risk of breaking the glass.
Other burning instructions can be found in the manual, included in each candle package sold.
– Always light all the wicks of the candle, otherwise you will cause uneven burning.
– Do not burn candles near a heat source. This can cause the glass to overheat.
– If a black soot appears on the wicks after burning, it should be cut off to prevent black smoke from forming during the next
– Candles can be cleaned regularly with a slightly damp microfiber cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. In addition, also
clean the inside of the candle regularly if there are soot stains, to avoid black smoke

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