Eau de Parfum

A tribute to inner elegance. A new
expression of sublime tuberose
with unexpected accords of
immortelle and ylang ylang. A
warm and enveloping pleasure
to wear.


One night during the winter of 1936, everything changed for
Albert Fouquet. Fouquet had travelled to Megève, a meeting
place for the European aristocracy, to attend a dinner organised
by his friend, Nicolas. Albert was the perfect French gentleman,
a passionate traveller with a fascinating pastime: he created
perfumes for his own personal use. These perfumes became an
object of desire within his social circle, and the perfect gift for
Albert’s aristocrat friends on special occasions.
That magical night in Megève turned Fouquet’s life upside down:
it was Annicke, a young Austrian girl, the daughter of a banker
and Hungarian noble. Her extraordinary beauty, innate elegance
and irresistible personality made Albert’s heart skip a beat. She
was the most amazing woman he had ever met.
Their conversation and dancing, together with the warmth from
the fireplace on that cold winter night left their imprint in
Fouquet’s mind and on his heart, along with the indelible image
of Annicke. There was no doubt that he had met the most
fascinating woman that any man could ever have imagined.
That magical night turned into day, but Albert had to leave for
Paris at sunrise. But not before writing a heartfelt letter to
Annicke, in which he expressed his ardent desire to see her
again as soon as it was possible.
Months passed and many letters were exchanged between
Albert and Annicke. Their words of love, desire and dreams all
inspired Fouquet to create a unique and exquisite perfume,
which concentrated all that Annicke meant to him. A perfume
that was as precious as the woman who had captured his heart.
When they met again in Vienna, Albert surprised Annicke with
his first creation. She was amazed by the scent as were her
acquaintances, creating an irresistible interest around the young
From that moment on, whenever Albert visited his beloved
Annicke, he surprised her with a new creation, a new aromatic
gem for her growing collection. Fragrances that delighted and
fascinated her, always the most exquisite combinations of
And now, many years later, Eight & Bob produces the same
scents for women who, like Annicke, are captivated by the
exclusivity of this unique fragrance collection.

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