CLIVE CHRISTIAN Jump up and Kiss Me Ecstatic Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn


Addictive Arts

Addictive Arts
A suite of three forbidden perfume pairs – Addictive Arts captures the craven rush and brazen thrill of twisted hedonism. Each perfume is an intoxicating fusion of expertly extracted and uniquely distilled ingredients such as bergamot, neroli and vetiver, combined with an extraordinary form of fine perfumery. The collection is an enthralling expression of our tendency to excess, of libertine pleasures and a wild nature waiting to be awakened underneath the refined visage it is – some might say… The “After-Dark” face of Clive Christian


White Floral

A shameless blaze of opulent tuberose with a medicinal accent on a powdery, sweet base. A dragonfly hovering of mandarin, orange bigarade, pink pepper. Top notes wrapped in the soft petals of rose and orange flower and encased in jasmine and ylang ylang. Resting all softly on a musky background of amber and soft suede.

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