Eau de Parfum

Ovog proizvoda trenutno nema na skladištu te je nedostupan

The clock struck midnight, but no one paid it any mind. Conversations were flying fast from each of the salons. Discussions of New Wave film, abstract painting and the nouveau roman. Ideas as refined as the surrounding decor. The warm voice of a jazz singer in the ebony salon mingled with the vanilla perfume she wore on her skin.
Whisper of spice, carnal haze and oriental sensuality… Take part in the nocturnal Parisian life, at the heart of an inner circle, and discover the second opus of the Oiseaux de Nuit Collection, Nuit et Confidences.
Distinguished and sensual, the scent includes frankincense and tonka bean. Refined and feminine, the spell is highlighted by vanilla and white musk.


In 1981, Annick opened her first shop Rue de Bellechasse, Paris. An enchanting place with an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere that marked the birth of the Annick Goutal House.
In her workshop, she pursued her love for beautiful raw materials. Annick soon made a name for herself thanks to the originality of her creations and built her own personal perfumery, which quickly attracted connoisseurs.

Perfume became her new music. Little by little, she signed her first creations, Eau d’Hadrien, Petite Chérie, presaging the dawn of a unique olfactory adventure.
As time went on, the Annick Goutal House created a new chapter in the French Perfumery and developed throughout the world.

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