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The Precious coffrets are the perfect companions of the connoisseur travellers, each containing 3x10ml colorful luxury travel sprays.

The quintessence of masculine refinement, Ursa Major evokes stability and balance, with a freshness that is both nuanced and refined. True to its animalistic nature, its earthy woody elements offer something quite visceral and primeval, a surging emotion of inner connectivity drawn from nature.

Size: 3x10ml signature perfumes.


As the last sun rays bid farewell to fjords of Musandam, Enclave sophisticatedly portrays the freshness trapped inside a rich, earthy warm hideaway where land meets the sea.


Meander explores the exhilarating feeling of happiness in a land of fog, lush green mountains and running streams.


Boundless is a burst of joy, a fleeting euphoria, translating the vertical tension that empowers those who want to enclose in their hands the immensity of the world. This ardent and vivacious energy echoes that of sunlight bouncing off the dewy leaves of the jungle, flickering in rays through a flower-studded canopy and grazing rainbow-barked trees before vanishing amongst gnarled and misty-kissed boughs.

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‘The Gift of Kings’ – Of Stars and Storytelling
Staying true to its Omani roots, the House of Amouage is honouring its ancient seafaring heritage which, for hundreds of years used the stars to chart a course across oceans, bridging civilizations, sharing cultures and cultivating friendships from the distant East to the West. In its re-imagination of the Art of Gift Giving, The House of Amouage highlights the work of contemporary artist Gaëtan Bernede, who has painted over ancient maps of the sky taken from archives, giving new life to each of the constellations and their animal interpretations.

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