Profumi del Forte By Night Women Eau de Parfum

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“… In the 1960s, we always took the ferry to the archipelago islands where we undertook small excursions to discover all those proud and secluded spots amidst the azure blue sea. The small harbours were filled with the echoes of fantastic tales from distant lands full of flowers and wonderful aromas. Wares of different origin in the brightest colours were piled up on the quay. Back then my thoughts travelled across the seas and oceans, driven by imagination and curiosity. It was the era of JF Kennedy and his policies of the New Frontier. But its spirit lives on in full, today, in my perfume creation.”


Ormonde Jayne
Eau de Parfum

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Perfume treasure, this opulent velvety formulation with pure tolu resin takes you on a sensual oriental journey. Laced with golden frankincense and amber, the scent’s core is enveloped with a heady mix of orange blossom and clary sage, while intense citrus notes consolidate the harmony.

Profumi del Forte Marconi 3 Eau de Parfum 8033593580033

Profumi del Forte
Marconi 3
Eau de Parfum

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”Tomorrow I will open up the house by the sea. The house, in the heart of Forte dei Marmi, belonged to my grandmother. In the large circular piazza, a paradise for children and the weekly market place. The holidays of my youth. The good odours of the family. Powders, the drawers, high beds, large wooden wardrobes that smell fresh and clean. How many memories there are in that house and in the little garden in Piazza Marconi! Tomorrow I will go to discover its secrets and the scent of its spirit. I want to write the formula of its charm.”