Paradis des Sens
Eau de Parfum


High qualities, high standards, perfection with no compromise.
Roses & jasmine; a scent rich & textural, wrapped with smoky sandalwood. An elegant encounter of contrasting notes & textures perfected with the statement of creamy white musk, & decadent vanilla that intensifies this majestic floral scent. Can you hear the whispers of the ylang-ylang buds luring you into this perfect world, as the notes of vibrant bergamots & tangerines capture your senses just in time for the majestically crowned neroli to welcome you to Utopia.

Paradis des Sens
Eau de Parfum


Perfection & harmony in its purest forms.
Arcadia, a world of naive innocence & simple pleasures. Luscious green woods & tall Cedars bearded with tree moss. Fields of aroma that invites you to shed your shoes & come in for a walk-in twilight.
Listen! As nature in harmony carefully plays an Arcadian symphony of contrasting notes & reflections, warming notes of pink pepper, cedar & patchouli meet cooling notes of violets, tangerine and vanilla.

Fueguia 1833
Eau de Parfum


Behind the mist, the sound of an Indian biting a glistering passion fruit. Alexander Von Humboldt is seduced by the fresh air.

The Pura Esencia line is created following a proprietary artisanal process that does not include filtration. This product could present sedimentation or cloudiness, a normal sign which reflects the quality of the product and the nature of its ingredients.

Eau de Parfum


Citrus Floral Watery

“As an inventor of fragrances, I feel very comfortable working with citrus notes, so, for this composition, I wanted to express my deep love for citrus through an extremely intricate top note that can be described as an anamorphosis of hesperidic notes: the spike of lemons, the elegance of bergamots, the sweetness of oranges, the floral notes of mandarins, the fruitiness of tangerines, all together working in unison.

Also, I always perceive a hint of iris notes (irones) in certain kinds of Mediterranean oranges and that thought took me to anchor this scent with the real deal: ultra pure iris absolute from Florence, bolstered with the best quality vetiver essence. This scent has become one I wear very frequently. I hope you become an addict as well!”

Eau D’hadrien
Eau de Toilette


The burning sun and the blinding light of Tuscany add to the charm of the cypress-lined terraces. The hottest hour of the day is the best time to sink into the soft shade of the lemon trees and reread a few passages from Memoirs of Hadrian.

Eau de Parfum


Amber Intense is a classical masterpiece born of the Orient, a timeless and elegant perfume of distinction. Celebrating the finest ingredients and time-honoured techniques, this bold, woody-spicy fragrance exudes sensual confidence. Rich, sophisticated amber, opulent florals and an unexpected twist of fruity wood notes create an unforgettable elixir with a balsamic touch. The result is a scent that’s rich but never heavy, complex but defined, with an undeniable opulence that captivates and enraptures.

Editions de parfums
Frederic Malle
Eau de Parfum

by Bruno Jovanovic
Virile, with a twist.

For the man who wears a pinstripe suit with ease and self-assurance, whose highly sophisticated virility is tinged with artistic flair, and whose ruthless pursuit of seduction is somewhat of an aesthetic endeavor.

This perfume reveals the style behind impeccable appearance: patchouli is the pinstripe suit, with a cocktail of rum absolute and mandarin in hand, for a distinct flavor of late nights in dark corners; as cedar, suede and incense are the underlying sensual pulse, warmed by vanilla in a small acknowledgment of intimacy.

For the polished womanizer.

Editions de parfums
Frederic Malle
Le Parfum de Therese
Eau de Parfum

by Edmond Roudnitska
Thérèse’s secret.

A 1950s prophetic masterpiece that was kept hidden for half a century for being ahead of its time, worn only by the perfumer’s wife, until now.

Prune fuses the modernity of cucumber and melon notes with the elegant classicism of rose and jasmine, blurring the perfume to the point of obscurity and rendering its ingredients unidentifiable.

Magnificent in her mystery

Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge Woman Eau de Parfum 841317000167

Histoires de Parfums
1889 Moulin Rouge Woman
Eau de Parfum


The night blankets the city of Paris. A colorful beam of light bursts from the Moulin Rouge. Inside, the cabaret comes to life. People begin to whisper, abuzz with anticipation. Champagne glasses clink and the curtains rise. The music builds, and in a cloud of feathers and sequins, the dancers make their entrance. Let the spectacle of senses begin!

Spicy Cinnamon warmly mixes with Sugar and melts into Absinthe, while Rose of Damascus releases her sensuality, playfully seducing each spectator with her allure. The audience and dancers each play different roles but the music ties them together for a night of revelry and excitement. The enchantment never stops – time stands still in the Moulin Rouge.
The show ends and the curtain falls, but the party never ends. Backstage, mirrors reflect silhouettes laughing. The smell of Iris Powder and Lipstick float out to the streets on a cloud of Musk and Patchouli. The memory and scent of this unforgettable night lingers through the morning.

Histoires de Parfums 1826 Eugénie de Montijo Woman Eau de Parfum 841317000020

Histoires de Parfums
1826 Eugénie de Montijo Woman
Eau de Parfum


The future and last French empress, Eugénie de Montijo, was born in Granada, the jewel of Andalusia. A sparkling beauty, her seductive nature and temperamental elegance delighted Napoleon the third. This beautiful lady who influenced the mundane life and artistic refinement of her time inspired this luminous fragrance.
A sensual amber carried by the power of white flowers and patchouli, of which the empress loved the unforgettable vapor trail.

Histoires de Parfums 1828 Jules Verne Man Eau de Parfum 841317000037

Histoires de Parfums
1828 Jules Verne Man
Eau de Parfum


He was born in Nantes, at the beginning of that century of discoveries. The close ocean took him far away, inspiring in him extraordinary novels of adventure. Inspired by the father of literary science fiction, this eau de parfum, breathes its aromatic Hesperides-like scents, just as a marine breeze over a wild heath.

This fragrance is perfect for the modern day globetrotter and adventurous dreamer, bringing to mind a treasure chest crafted from precious wood and filled with spices from faraway lands, stowed on a boat sailing uncharted seas.