Comme des Garcons Series 2 RED PALISANDER Eau de Toilette

770,00 Kn


Comme des Garçons likes RED, the RED of the sun, the RED of fire, the RED energy of blood, the eternal serenity of the RED temple gate of the Far East.

The blending of two majestic trees, the Palisander of Brazil and the gargantuan Red Wood from Virginia, combined to create this enigmatic RED fragrance.

Perfumer: Françoise Caron and Yann Vasnier


347,00 Kn

The perfume for fabrics is an excellent solution to perfume fabrics: curtains, linens, sheets, cushions or to complete your own perfume by vaporizing clothes. Also suitable for those who cannot (or do not like) the use of alcoholic perfumes directly on the skin. The special formula studied by our laboratories guarantees maximum delicacy on the fabrics and an excellent seal of the fragrance. The very low alcohol percentage of the fragrance does not attack or dehydrate tissue fibers, which are instead softened and refreshed from the first use. The product is presented in the characteristic black bottle, with a generous spray dispensing pump. It is advisable to spray abundantly and well distributed on the fabric, then massage the garment to let the perfume penetrate and remove the humidity.

Incense and Saffron
Relaxation, reflection, meditation. To raise the spirit and dream big. Incense and spices rest on precious woods, in a classic and elegant blend.

saffron, strawberry, sugar, cinnamon
jasmine, lily of the valley
vanilla, sandalwood, incense


1.386,00 Kn

Floral levitation, crumpled mint,
iced saffron. Suspended time.
Mellow white paradise: a neroli descant,
whispering, iridescent jasmine.
A wall of fresh moss, fluttering corollas,
a feathery sheen.

Created by Bertrand Duchaufour


1.848,00 Kn

A magnificent marriage of Ta’if and Cambodian Oudh providing boundless pleasure. Enormously extravagant, the Elixir intensifies the basic accord to create nothing short of a masterpiece.

It’s a perfume of tremendous presence, personality and panache. Intensely powerful and utterly seductive.

Pink Pepper, Saffron, Dates

Rose Oil, Freesia, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine

Broom, Amber, Cambodian Oudh

— Free from Phthalates
— Not tested on animals
— No added colour
— Hand-poured in our own laboratory


2.079,00 Kn

The Fragrance opens with a flower bouquet that enlightens Purple Lily (Florence emblem) and Jasmine, holding each other tight with the power of Italian saffron and oranges’ freshness. The highly rich and precious top note gently lays on an intense heart note, capable of making this dreamlike journey unforgettable. It is at this stage that the elegance of Ylang Ylang appears and is suddenly accompanied by Magnolia’s refined seduction. They are both emphasized by the rare and aphrodisiac Gray Amber, lovingly hugged by the celestial sweetness of White Lily of the Valley.

The entire creation stands on a base of precious woods just like in the most refined Tuscan tradition, where together with Sandalwood, Birch and Terenzi Library’s Musk we find also the strength of Tuscan leather and local Oak’s Musk.

In this precious vial, red as passion, is embodied the emotion that only Florence and its eternal beauty can donate.

TIZIANA TERENZI Caput Mundi Eau de Parfum

2.079,00 Kn

Amber, spicy, floral
For centuries the New Moon, that appears as a bright black circle, has been considered symbol of good luck and future prosperity; especially during the glorious era of the Roman Empire.

Like every new beginning, even this time intervals defined by lunar cycles carried with them high hopes for the future and the possibility to make their wishes come true.

This creation opens with a mellow and sweet flower note, where the precious Absolute of Bulgarian Rose echoes while paired to Rosa Tea and Lily of the Valley. This is when the invaluable Iris emerges, sustained by the strength of Cabreuva wood from Brazil. These regal and gentle head note lays on a brave heart created with Indian Black Oudh and Sandalwood, wisely blended with Red Patchouli. These woods find their strength thank to the echo of Orris (the most expensive ingredient of the perfumery) and Red Saffron from Sicily. This heart grows its roots on a base that is up to this regal wonder. It is only now that we can clearly sense the aphrodisiac push of Grey Amber, hugged by Cuban Cedar and Cashmere Wood. In the name of an extraordinary lasting we experince the imperial force of Vietnamese Agarwood and Cambodian Oudh.

The everlasting strength of the City capital of the world enclosed in a drop of eternal regal beauty for true esthete of refined realities, with no time boundaries and without an end, just like the Black Moon cycle.


5.352,00 Kn

Drawing inspiration from the Orient, Amber Intense has a spicy, citrusy opening, with notes of bergamot, tangerine, black pepper and cinnamon. Flowers, fruity wood notes of neroli, rose, blackcurrant and patchouli infuse the heart, and are held together with an amber accord. The melange enraptures the senses, with a finish of musk, Peru balsam and Fragrance Du Bois' signature 100% pure, natural Oud.
Dynamic and exciting, Amber Intense is at once sophisticated, elegant and confident, embodying the essence of a free spirit.
Top notes:
Bergamot, Tangerine and Orange Essential Oils, Black Pepper and Cinnamon Essential Oils, Cumin and Saffron Absolutes

Middle notes:
Neroli Essential Oil, Rose & Jasmin Absolutes, Blackcurrant, Patchouli Essential Oil, Styrax and Ciste Essential Oils
Base notes:
Benzoin resin, Peru balsam, Musk, 100% Pure Organic Vintage Oud