2.272,00 Kn

Top note: Jasmine
Heart note: Craven a Tobacco, Vanilla
Base: Elemi (Elemi resin is a pale yellow substance, of honey-like consistency. Aromatic elemi oil is steam distilled from the resin. It is a fragrant resin with a sharp pine and lemon-like scent)

JOVOY PARIS Rouge Assassin Eau de Parfum

986,00 Kn

Floral, woody, musky
A colour can have an odour. This Rouge Assassin perfumes the powdery nuances of a carmine, voluptuously ardent lipstick. A woman's lipstick, a woman in love who would use it to write a message on a mirror, a fervent declaration or fiery last words, final until tomorrow. Passion, jealousy, vengeance… Love is a hot-blooded killer who leaves behind a criminal trail. As he passes, both women and men succumb.
Rose, ambrette, iris

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Chasing the Dragon Hypnotic Eau de Parfum

5.698,00 Kn


This heavy door creaks open, you slip within. To find a noble, narcotic, accord, from smoky incense, pink pepper – elemi, bergamot and a brief dying spark of fiery ginger. Whilst rich clove, black cherry and cinnamon sit within basil, fir balsam and labdanum, rich dry ambers, resinous myrrh and leathery, liquid amber call out from a darkening crack below, rich in mosses.

histoires de parfums irreverent

Histoires de Parfums
En Apart Irrévérent
Eau de Parfum

1.694,00 Kn

Grapefruit, Cassis and Pineapple… surround and envelope us while Saffron and Cardamom demand seduction with their enormous blaze, becoming all the more dazzling when illuminated by Orange Blossom. In a flash, Cedar’s many dimensions, Sandalwood’s creaminess, Patchouli’s earthy strength, Labdanum-Ciste’s adorned warmth, and the obscure intensity of Leather all come together.

Profumi del Forte Versilia Vintage Boisé Eau de Parfum 8033593580194

Profumi del Forte
Versilia Vintage Boisé
Eau de Parfum

1.294,00 Kn

“… In the magma of the1970s, Versilia was considered a happy retreat – we enjoyed the shade of the pine forests, while the world outside simmered with conflict and protest. I took the longer route to the beach to rest in the shaded tranquillity of our neighbourhood. My youthful eyes fell on gardens full of flowers and the bark of the pine trees told me the story of creation. The perfect harmony of aromas and an unclouded feeling of well-being filled me. Today I have the written down this melody with the help of fragrance notes and my refound rhythm of joy.”


Tiziana Terenzi
Eau de Parfum

1.771,00 Kn

The story of Tiziana Terenzi’s Ursa Eau De Parfum starts around Lake Como. A body of water that has always fascinated the Terenzi family, this fragrance will immerse you in an enveloping scent of earth and roots, refreshed by the smell of water. A strength and a warmth that never lets you down.

Profumi del Forte Tirrenico Eau de Parfum

963,00 Kn

”After walking along the beach of Forte, I sit down. I breathe in the smells of the sea, pebbles washed by the waves and sand. I note in my mind the scents. Behind me are the Apuan alps, shining with their white marble. I am suspended in an almost unreal world. I reflect. I will begin with the marine notes: the smell of seaweed and of the salt lingering on my hands. I will continue with wild herbs from the dunes, with a touch of the citrus fruits from the wonderfully kept gardens of Forte. Just a little bitter orange and jasmine to enrich the middle notes, the perfume that inebriates me as I continue my walk. I will add the fragrance of the sun, those good creams of summer, the thirst-quenching fresh fruits eaten on the beach, wet woods….and timeless care”.