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Initio – Carnal Blend – Atomic Rose

Create an explosion!
A rose diffracted into a scent of phenomenal power. An olfactory explosion with an intense emotional charge. An exhilaration of pure energy, climaxing into intoxication. An extraordinary fragrance in the true sense of the word.

From the first moment, rose rushes to the head and brings colour to the cheeks. As explosive as it is elusive, it expresses itself forcefully and fully embraces its ambiguities. Bright, with its shadows. Feminine and masculine. Soft, but ruthless. Like an adrenalin rush, Atomic Rose shows its extravagance to exalt its wearer.

An explosive equation
A Rose with the potency of Hedione HC. Driven by the iconic ingredient of the Carnal Blends collection, the queen of flowers enters another dimension. Heightened and magnified, it enacts its own revolution in an absolute and uncompromising fragrance.

Carnal Blends, intoxicating essences
Can perfume increase our power of attraction? For a long time, we have only been able to trust in our intuition to confirm this. Science did not recognise that scents have the capacity to trigger the production of sex hormones. Then a team of researchers from Bochum University in Germany proved that some odorous molecules can activate regions of the brain connected to libido. This singular link between scents, pleasure and sexuality is at the core of the Carnal Blends collection. This collection is firmly transgressive and plays on bold combinations to highlight its carnal notes with one aim in mind: to trigger emotions and heighten sexual attraction.

What is its secret ingredient?
Hedione HC; a molecule which is of floral origin, a compound found in the heart notes of jasmine and magnolia, that provides radiant and airy power to a fragrance. Hedione HC also activates a region of the brain related to pleasure and increased libido. Initio has made it the signature of Carnal Blends. This sensually open collection boasts fragrances that are much more than perfume. Sensual potions with immediate appeal that speak to our most unconscious and primal depths. An ode to our animality…

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