Perfumed Candle

524,00 Kn


A journey to the heart of the sensual and sophisticated world of Delina. This new scented candle rekindles the pleasure of eau de parfum through floral, woody and powdery notes that engulfs your interior in a mysterious and comforting ambience. A double play on the image of femininity embodied by Delina.


Roses, flowers, fruits and exotic essences of all kinds were ubiquitous at Louis XV’s court. The interior design at the Château of Marly, where the king liked to retire, used decorations made of volutes and floral elements in pastel colours, sea green and pale pink. The ladies of the court favoured fans of precious woods perfumed and encrusted with imitation diamond jewels, recently invented by Georg Frederich Strass in 1738. The fabric of their dresses was a highly sophisticated blend of all the colours of nature and the scent of all perfumes for great visual effect. Known as précieuses, these ladies wore crafted miniature scenes in their hair made of feathers, fruits, flowers and small painted birds.
Under the reign of Louis XV, each fragrance created strove to achieve new heights of ingenuity. In the king’s secret and private apartments of the Château of Versailles, bouquets combined fragrances: flowers, pots-pourris or fruit essences. The creation of perfumes was unbridled; courtiers even had their own “perfume cellars” in their homes, allowing them to compose highly elaborate blends

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