Ormonde Jayne
Rose Gold

2.002,00 Kn

Rose Gold is a fragrance that transforms woods, roses, and oud into a shimmering mélange of rose gold threads, suspended in the air like a stream of liquid gold light. A feat of perfume alchemy, Rose Gold pays tribute to the rarest and most beautiful fragrant essences in perfumery, such as Indian sandalwood, Taif rose absolute from Saudi Arabia, oud oil from the jungles of the Far East, and luxurious, expensive ambrette seed oil from India. Rather than a traditional floral oriental, however, this is a big, baroque perfume that will ravish your senses and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Pink pepper and spicy carnation add fire and bite to the luscious Taif rose absolute at the heart of this fragrance, and surrounded by a sparkling haze of creamy sandalwood and precious oud, there is a lift to Rose Gold that will gladden your heart and dazzle everyone around you. It is Rose Gold personified, made liquid – an intoxicating elixir for the spirits. Wear this magnificent perfume and you will leave a booming trail of scent that will draw people to you like children to the Pied Piper – woods, roses, and the enticing smoke of precious oud all curled around you like a cloud of shimmering rose-gold particles. Bracing and assertive, you had better watch out when wearing this perfume. A word of caution: beware of dangerous liaisons.


Ormonde Jayne je selektivna kuća parfema koju je, u Londonu, utemeljila Linda Pilkington. Ormonde Jayne sastavlja mirise koristeći neobične sirovine rijetko korištene u parfemima.
Ormonde Jayne mirisi smješteni su u jednostavnim, elegantnim bočicama od debelog stakla, smještenim unutar raspoznatljivih kutija. Mirisi su dostupni u koncentraciji eau de parfum i parfum napravljenih po mjeri, čiju koncentraciju odabire kupac. Odabrani mirisi iz linije također se nude kao mirisne svijeće, kreme za tijelo, losion za tijelo i ulje za kupanje.
Nos koji je radio na mirisima je Geza Schoen.


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