Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Un, deux, trois, Noël !
Trio of scented candles

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92,11 EUR

Each of these limited-edition candles will rekindle memories we all keep deep inside. They’re perfect for the Holidays, and there’s a scent for everyone. However, if it’s too hard to choose, the 1, 2, 3 Noël ! pack featuring all three scented candles is just what you need.

Imagine taking a winter stroll in a snowy forest thanks to the iconic Mon beau Sapin scented candle, dressed in a new and festive finery. Its exquisite lacquered decor embodies the magic of the Holidays, while its woody and slightly resinous fragrance evokes the traditional Christmas tree.

At the edge of the forest a charming gingerbread house awaits, promising sweet treats and childhood delights. Discover our new Pain d’épices scented candle, whose gourmand fragrance, with notes of orange, honey, cinnamon and anise invites you to indulge without moderation. 

Lastly, enjoy the bustling atmosphere of a funfair and savor a juicy, generously caramel-coated candy apple. Enjoy this familiar fragrance with the Pomme d’amour scented candle, another new creation by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Pomme d’amour
The Pomme d’amour candle recalls childhood memories across funfairs and Christmas markets: a delicious, juicy and generously caramelized scent of toffee apples.

Mon beau Sapin
A winter walk in an upland forest: the woody and slightly resinous scent of the Mon beau Sapin candle evokes the traditional Christmas tree.

Pain d’épices

A cozy indoor ambiance for the coldest winter: the scent of gingerbread with notes of orange, honey, cinnamon and anise of the Pain d’épices candle calls for sweet confections and sharing in good company.

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