Rolling in Love
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Inspiration from Kilian Hennessy:
A world apart, like a picnic under the midnight snow. KILIAN PARIS invites the magic of winter to take place at the end of the year festivities. KILIAN PARIS presents its most iconic fragrances in an exclusive box including a 50ml refillable fragrance and a 7.5ml Talisman travel spray, filled with the same fragrance juice.

The Perfume:
Rolling in Love is what we call in perfumery a skin musk. Hand in hand with perfumer Pascal Gaurin, Kilian Hennessy broke away from his olfactory signature to take a new direction. Rolling in Love is more direct, almost monochrome in its way of focusing on a particular emotion, a perfume where several textures of “white” are superimposed over the wake with notes of ambrette seed absolute, an accord of almond milk, iris, and musk.

Perfume Notes: Almond milk, Iris, Musk
Olfactory family: Les Fleurs Narcotique
Perfumer: Pascal Gaurin

The Icon Set presents the timeless and refillable 50 ml perfume bottle from KILIAN and a matching travel accessory. The mix-and-match is there, Rolling in Love is associated with a red lacquered Talisman travel spray.

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