Vanilla Orchid
Eau de Parfume

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Exotic and sophisticated!
The trend for the exotic is embraced in the whirlwind fantasy of Vanilla Orchid. The fusion of classic and modern carries the wearer on an alluring journey into the past, a pearl necklace flung high into the air to land in a coup of champagne.
Precious blooms that flower for just a single day, the sensual vanilla orchid adorns a table in decorative splendour. A precious jewel that adorns a feathered headpiece flung high with the spirited whirl of the Charleston. A brilliant blaze of colour and scent that explodes against the cool dark night of a starlit evening. The floriental hues juxtapose charmingly against the sharp lines of green galbanum and crisp hyacinth, an echo of velvet against chrome. The heart unfolds into a heady floral melee before delving into a warm and sweet. The precious vanilla orchid symbolises the exoticism of the Art Deco era, the energetic explosion of florals captures the racing excitement of the era.

25% Perfume Concentration. This perfume opens to the evocative touch of cool chrome with sharp Galbanum and crisp Hyacinth. Its contrasting warm heart is an explosion of florals, evolving into a sweet Vanilla base before resting on Sandalwood, Musk and smoky Vetiver. This perfume is certified suitable for vegans.

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Inspired by a decadent style.
Our extraordinary twenty first pair of perfumes tell a story of the romantic thrill of the Art Deco period. An era of sparkling exuberance and thrilling hope, a glittering diamond as big as the Ritz. A celebration of flowing champagne cocktails in romantic twilight lit gardens bought to life through these perfumes.

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