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The 11th volume of Amouage’s Library Collection, Opus XI is a romantic and cinematic interpretation of today’s metastasized obsession with “fake news”. The manipulation of information and knowledge that when revealed, expresses a pure form of authenticity. In this latest creation, Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong traces the origins of fake news to the Occidental exploration of the Middle East and Asia in the 18th and 19th century, as lands of mystery and exoticism.
“Modern-day society is constantly bombarded with information. Not always genuine, this barrage works against us to believe the inaccurate. A bold rarity, this fragrance sheds the unnecessary falsehoods we are constantly exposed to throughout the world and instead is a manifestation of a genuine and timely study of Orientalism. It expresses the inextricable relationship between artistic representations and contemporary history,” explains Chong.
In a dynamic composition, Chong evokes modern Orientalism by combining real Oud with ingredients that project impressions of Oud to create an illusion of reality. With rich dark opaque attributes, top notes of Marjoram are mixed with heart notes of Oud and Styrax in the base to create an intoxicating natural vegetal Oud facet. The addition of Woodleather gives this commanding and enlightening fragrance a smoky and powerful animalic sillage.
Inspired by the shape of a small book, refined with clean lines and gentle curves, the royal blue Opus XI bottle is made from the finest glass crystal from France. It is adorned with a simple gold label and crowned with the regal and distinctive Amouage shield. The box is reminiscent of a tome covered in a floral oriental mosaic jacquard printed on a silk-like fabric.
The Library Collection continues its journey of ingenuity with the poetic celebration of creativity with each fragrance. Opus XI is one of the many fragrances within the series of 11 olfactory explorations that defy all preconceived notions and transcend beyond gender, age, race, trend, and time.

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Kao najvredniji parfem svijeta, Amouage ima korjene u Omanskom Sultanatu. Njihova izrada parfema nikada nije brza već se radi o višegodišnjem strpljenju i mukotrpnom radu. Ukrasi od zlata na prekrasnim bočicama rađeni su ručno. Amouage koristi izvorne sastojke iz Omana – srebrni tamjan, smirnu i bušin. Danas, kao i u davna vremena, vrijedni prah sa stabla tamjanase ručno pobire kasta odabaranih pastira. Amouage koristi esenciju izrazito rijetkog cvijeta (omanskog bušina), koji raste i cvjeta u kratkom vremenskom razdoblju svake godine, na udaljenim planinama Omana.

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